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Knowledge / Basics / Formats

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Formats / General

Video Format Conversion [2 Apr 2003]
Compession guru Ben Waggoner about format conversion (PAL/NTSC/film) and the according framerate changes.  http://www.dv.com/features/features_item.jhtml?category=Archive&L  report broken link

Formats / AVI

DV Data in the AVI File Format [17 Mar 2001]
 http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/directx9_c/directx/htm/dv  report broken link

John McGowan's AVI Overview Glossary [17 Mar 2001]
 http://www.jmcgowan.com/avigloss.html#Glossary  report broken link

John McGowan&s AVI Overview [17 Mar 2001]
 http://www.jmcgowan.com/avi.html  report broken link

Formats / DVD

What is Blu-ray Disc [13 Mar 2003]
 http://www.blu-raydisc.info/  report broken link

World's Easiest Explanation of Anamorphic 16:9 Widescreen Enhancement in DVDs [4 May 2001]
 http://gregl.net/videophile/anamorphic.htm  report broken link

Formats / Introductions

Digital Video 101: Choosing the Right Video Format [2 Jul 2001]
 http://www.creativepro.com/story/feature/8455.html?origin=story  report broken link

Formats / Tapes

Videotape Preservation Fact Sheets [14 Mar 2003]
 http://www.amianet.org/publication/resources/guidelines/WheelerVi  report broken link

Formats / TV

The Engineer&s Guide to Standards Conversion (PDF) [28 Feb 2003]
 http://www.snellwilcox.com/knowledgecenter/books/books/estandard.  report broken link

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