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RED: No modules for the modular smartphone Hydrogen?

RED: No modules for the modular smartphone Hydrogen?

[12:02 tue,12.March 2019   by ]    

The camera manufacturer Red had surprised its community in the summer of 2017 with a modular smartphone concept surprised, which was finally launched in the USA in November 2018 on the market. To our knowledge, it has never been for sale in Germany before.

Due to the background of the company, many buyers were expecting the camera add-on with interchangeable mount in particular. However, not a single add-on module for the smartphone has yet been completed. And now even all information was removed to possible modules of the Hydrogen One Webpage and Jim Jannard expresses itself only relatively vaguely to it:

One wanted to change the Hydrogen program fundamentally. A number of problems are said to have led to a reorientation. However, Hydrogen customers should be better satisfied and they are already working on a new sensor module (orig: "Image Capture").


We would rather quote the following, somewhat cryptic announcement in the original:

All HYDROGEN customers will be "obsolescence obsolete" when buying into the new professional image capture program(...) The primary difference is that instead of the HYDROGEN team running the pro camera for HYDROGEN, RED is.
HYDROGEN One is alive and well... with more updates continually making it more powerful and better with each update. In fact you can expect one of the most significant 4V updates in the next two weeks.
"obsolescence obsolete" for HYDROGEN owners means that your H1 is NOT obsolete when the Pro camera version comes out. Not sure how this got twisted up...

Well. Well, the good news can be interpreted that way: Hydrogen One is not dead. Soon there will be a software update and in the near future there will be (at least) a camera module.

Link more infos at bei h4vuser.net

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: RED: Keine Module mehr für das modulare Smartphone Hydrogen?

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