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RED 8K helium sensor with DXO-optima

RED 8K helium sensor with DXO-optima

[19:45 tue,10.January 2017   by ]    

DXO has funneled a prototype 8K helium sensor of RED by her test lab and as already at the time of the Epic Dragon prototype also the helium sensor has left almost inexplicable fantastic test values. With 108 test points, he now leads the test field significantly and is possible all other cameras back more than far behind. DXO then measures the first time a dynamic over 15 stops that have otherwise achieved only full-frame sensors, such as the Nikon D810 approximately. However, the helium sensor with a horizontal Kantenlaenge of about 30mm only about 2/3 of the ImagePanel a Full FrameFrame im Glossar erklärt camera at your disposal has. And thus at 8K dissolution also a relatively small Sensel (3.65 microns Page length). Even with the tonal differentiation and in low light testing of the helium sensor reaches remarkably high values,which according to DXO not let alone explain through improved sensor design, because they simply are beyond the limits of what is physically possible. The only explanation concludes DXO that the sensor before the 16 bit RAW storage required to apply any sort of NoiseNoise im Glossar erklärt Reduction. That these spatial (ie by smoothing neighboring pixels) is performed can DXO exclude almost one hundred per cent, because no correlation could be demonstrated to neighboring pixels. PIC 1 Because still cameras a Temporal NoiseNoise im Glossar erklärt Reduction (TNR) is not used, DXO has here for ready no measurement method and can these in the test therefore demonstrate either. For this reason you do not want to visualize for comparison with cameras in the database, the helium test results. Thus concludes the

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Link more infos at bei www.dxomark.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: RED 8K Helium Sensor mit DXO-Bestwerten

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