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Sony confirms the FX6 cinema camera is coming

Sony confirms the FX6 cinema camera is coming

[14:45 wed,2.September 2020   by ]    

For about a year now, rumors of an upcoming Sony FX6 have been popping up repeatedly -- now Sony is confirming the development of this camera, which will be released by the end of the year and form its own "Cinema Series" together with the already available VENICE and FX9. According to the manufacturer, the models in the series combine a cinema look with improved usability and reliability.

The upcoming Sony FX6

Sony doesn&t give away more details about the FX6 yet, but only provides a product image as a teaser. From this it becomes clear that the FX6 will turn out more compact than the FX9 and like the FX9 has no viewfinder on board. Since the FX9 has Venice Color Science in the form of a Cinetone pro, it can be assumed that this will also be included in the FX6, since they are all part of the Cinema series.

Sony Cinema Series with Venice, FX9 and FX6

Rumor has it that the FX6 is the successor of FS5, but it is said that the full format sensor from the FX9 is built in. The camera is supposed to film in 4K with max. 30fps, FullHDFullHD im Glossar erklärt up to 120fps (10-bit 4:2:24:2:2 im Glossar erklärt LongGOP XAVC-L), with a RAW output via SDi in 4Kp60. Beside S-Cinetone, S-Log3 should be included, but LUTs should hardly be supported. A price around 7.000 dollars is expected. To what extent these unconfirmed statements are true remains to be seen, as always.

For the FX9 Sony also announces another firmware update. In 2021, it will be expanded to include the S700PTP protocol, which allows remote control of the camera via TCP/IP, among other things. The 3.0 update also brings a center scan mode for Super 16 mm lenses and support for B4 lenses with an adapter.

Already in April, major firmware updates v6.0 for the Venice and v2.0 for the FX6 were announced, which will be released in October (FX9) and November (Venice). The FX9 will include 4K 60p/50p recording, but only in a 5K window of the 6K sensor (oversampling to 4K), output of a 4K 16-bit RAW signal to an external recorder via the optional XDCA-FX9, 180 fps full frame HD recording, 4K (4096×2160) DCI recording, the ability to load custom 3D LUTs, and HDR recording capability.

For the Venice, the next update brings, among other things, the import of Advanced Rendering Transform (.art) files, enhanced frame guides, increased frame rates (up to 72 fps at 5.7K in 16:9 and 110 fps at 3.8K in 16:9 possible, with anamorphics in 4K 6:5 also up to 72 fps), a LUT preview in the viewfinder, and gyro information in the metadata.

Link more infos at bei www.sony.de

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Sony bestätigt eine FX6 Cinema-Kamera für diesen Herbst


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Sony bestätigt eine FX6 Cinema-Kamera für diesen Herbst

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