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Frage von Max.3:

Hello, have recorded with Haupauge reportage (mpg file), always take a little more on that then I rausschneide with Womble, but now the problem is that the 16:9 format in the store is destroyed, when the original file Media player jumps or Power DVD synonymous car into the required format for the file no longer worked, someone knows the problem?


Antwort von Stony:

Exactly the same problem I have synonymous.

Otherwise I think the Womble MPEG totally comfortable, would be nice if someone knows how you can bypass the


Antwort von vibes:

hello, I suspect that in the export window / video / expert settings below the desired format indicate. is sometimes not just cars.
I use the womble incidentally because he is no longer with me mpeg files often incomplete and invites you then mutilated video exported.


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