Infoseite // 16:9 with bars - Camera or video editing program settings?

Frage von tjejej:

Have with a SonyHVR-Z1 in the DVCAM format to miniDV (; stupid enough;)), format is 16:9

With a SonyHDR-HC1E PAL experiment I, the images in Final Cut yourself. So I choose "FireWire NTSC" from.
Then it makes no difference whether I "DV PAL 48 kHz Anamorphic" or "DV PAL 48 kHz" select - I always had the top and bottom black bars and 720x576 pixels. I understand nothing.

1) Yeah, I recorded in letterbox and there is now the top and bottom cut off what? How? Or just leave?
2) Is it because the HDR-HC1E with the format is not clear?

Grateful for any help, do not just too much fun on my ignorance. Adios.


Antwort von joerg-emil:

Hi tjejej,

DVCAM differs from Consumer IR solely in the coupling of the video and audio data and a faster belt speed to be less likely to cause errors. The Resolutionist I think the same. To that extent it could be that you've recorded in letterbox. But it would be synonymous possible that your recordings are available correctly in 16:09, but you have to down your camera to capture the Letter-box set did. I know your camera is not now, with my das was rooting times in the menu .... ne other idea I would unfortunately not now ...

Gruss Jörg-Emil


Antwort von Kar.El.Gott:

The Z1 is always in 16:9 on.
16:9 PAL 720x576 means. There will be only one flag for a Pixelseitenverältniss of 1:1,4587 set.

Therefore you need to recruit in your NLE that you are working in 16:9.


Antwort von tjejej:

Thanks for the replies and Jörg-Emil Kar.El.Gott!

I'm going anyway times assume that the HDR-HC1E no more influence on the format.

Have rausgefunden now that I am non-anamorphic or anamorphic slightly after applying can switch (with a hook under the Format properties clip in the timeline). Looks like at least.
Where is later because the difference?
But I am mistaken? There is not even gerändert!
Anamorphic is recommended, however, is not it?

I then versuch times, switch to 16:9 ... where? ...


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