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Frage von benito:

So, after I had already started at the Post Production a Threat, I need to start here synonymous another.

With some pictures with so many problems have yet to convince my bosses have now that the HD-1000E SonyHVR despite their great looks but possibly not the final conclusion is wisdom.

Now it has another Camera ago.

This should not cost much more than 2000 ¬. Toll Währe synonymous if they are not necessarily as small as possible. Yes size in this case is really an argument. It is, according to 1000 E HD experience hopefully not the KO criterion.

I have the time SonyHVR-A1E looked at, but that is for a digital device but quite old. Am I wrong?

Does anyone have experience with the HXR-MC50E?

Or, what tips do you have?

I read just as much, and I still do not feel to have synonymous in the least a real overview.

Many times already, thanks for reading.

POSTSCRIPT: What the camera can be:
With poor lighting deal
Input for external microphone
Output for headphones


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Benito" wrote: ... SonyHVR-A1E ... but quite old. Am I wrong? ...
No right, already: This is the oldest still available new HDV camcorder. Seems that there is still very good demand exists.

"Benito" wrote: ... Has anyone had experience with the HXR-MC50E? ...
You can help you see the experience synonymous with the CX550: This is the technically identical consumer version, only without accessories and expensive support contract.

"Benito" wrote: Or ... what tips do you have? ...
I do not know what are your criteria (lowlight? Audio? Recording format?), But how it would be with the brand new NEX-VG10 of Sony?


Antwort von benito:


Thank you ever make for thought.

There are basically two things well, mainly filmed:
1st People who sit in an office and tell what
2nd And well s.wichtigsten machines in warehouses and at fairs.
This means that the lighting conditions are likely to be not particularly great, so the camera should order to be eligible.

Person with the NEX-VG10 but you are up to date, since it is still so good to nothing. Is it already known what the cost will be?

Oh and yes I have actually written not exactly what the camera could be (actually, I forget completely). I wear times after the first post. Sorry


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Benito" wrote: NEX-VG10 ... ... already known what the cost will be? ...
The suggested retail price of ¬ 1999, and for this price they have listed some online merchants synonymous. If it is available first, the street price should stabilize around but probably closer to 1600-1700 ¬.


Antwort von WideScreen:

Good choice and for the remaining amount you buy even a small, cheap head light around the objects to brighten a little.


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