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Frage von tonymontanax:


I have just increased the Canon HFS11. (; 58mm diameter)
Because I want to look toward the film, I would buy myself another 35mm adapter.

It was recommended to me because of the cute Mink:

Here I have found, however, seems odd ... verstehs at least not entirely:

The question now is, there's cheaper alternatives?
Can it be bought in Germany?
What additional adapter do I need additionally?
Picture it stands my head?
Can I compensate for that?

Does the Autofukus with nem adapter yet?
Yes, I'm usually only raise the screen to ...

Thank schonmal if I can think of something else I edit;)



Antwort von ksr:

To my knowledge, the Letus Mini is too small for 58mm diameter - for that you need the Letus Extreme.
The Letusadapter are among the best: s.wenigsten loss of light and the picture is the right way up!
Must be ordered in general in the U.S., and come tax Inch to ...
Then you need "only" another Rod (rod for mounting) - and Lenses!
Later maybe nen "followfocus" nen and external display, both facilitating the Focus - but is essentially synonymous with no principle, but the claims so often get ...

Auto Focus, but is in no adapter is in the nature of the thing!

Manufacturer (my link list, checked out of date):

Instructions Eigenbau:

The issue was widely discussed many times here, just looking for views on the forum!


Antwort von ksr:

Just see that the Mini with 58mm thread can be ordered! Funny, the description text but is, nevertheless, that the thread should be no larger than 43mm?


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