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Frage von Hellstroem:

Hi All,

my previous setup was in the area SonyTRV-900 and Stillimage, Nikon D70 located. My Focous lies with the photos but now I've decided for the Canon 7D and s.and s.synonymous want to film a little.
To this end, I just needed some tips of you. (My current setup is primarily designed for photos)

Lenses: 70-200mm 4.0, Sigma 8mm fisheye. Samyang 85mm 1.4
I would like to have to shoot wide AngleFestbrennweite for interiors there is something affordable in the area of +-20mm?

When I am using now runs a tripod Velbon Dv-7000, there are certainly better Tripods, however, I am with the price-performance very satisfied. I've been thinking for some time on whether or not makes sense for the shooting of the movement a Glidecam, or Steadycam. Had good results with the Glidecam 2000hd times but the real fun will cost around 400-500 Are there any good alternative?

I hope you can help me.



Antwort von Mink:

There is a Tokina 11-16 f2.8 ... which will probably be nice ( "tip ").... I have no experience with it ....

Otherwise it seems to me a high-aperture 50mm to be more appropriate .... I have a very cheap Canon 50mm 1.8 ... I like that for the 90 ¬ that it costs very well ....

It is synonymous 1.4er the Canon 50mm ... The sigmoid colon is not synonymous to be bad ...

Perhaps a Cokin P or Z-Pro filter system ... pays for a lot of lenses have s.end ....

A shoulder tripod system may well come .... Cavision is Great!

The difficulty with one Steadiecamsystem is the focus because there is no auto focus .... So you have to either keep the same distance to the object or use a wireless sauteur sharpness ...

Ah yes, a microphone if you do it with the sound seriously ..... Rode or Sennheiser MKE400 VideoMic or so ... would be the minimum


Antwort von B.DeKid:

B. DeKid


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