Infoseite // Canon Accessory shoe adapter, buy where?

Frage von beiti:

After my attempts to build a adapter accessories for the stupid "Mini Advanced Accessory Shoe" of my Canon HF100 yourself, are not run satisfactorily, I would now like to buy one.

Rovotech once had one in the program, but it was quite expensive and unnecessarily large (with lashings of powerful screw for the accessory). In the current Rovotech program is anyway not be found.

The best way seems to me to date of the Adorama adapter to be, does not need quite so much space. The problem: Adorama sent to Germany just to absurd conditions (cheapest shipping option is $ 40).

Does anyone know a source for this adapter in Germany or elsewhere in Europa? Or at least one other provider in the U.S. that offers reasonable costs?


Antwort von Bernd E.:

My own experience with this U.S. store I have not, but at least he has a suitable adapter: are (probably the same ones Adorama offers) and human costs: Shipping cost varies by weight and destination, but small items like the FLAT-based adapters should be $ 7 to anywhere outside the U.S.. "


Antwort von Bildstabilisator:


I have the Canon HFS100. For these there is a local photo shop a hot shoe adapter from specific to general Minislot flash shoe. Simply call times.

Good luck.


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