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Frage von maximil:

I am dealing with the issue of Stereoscopic.
And I would like to try s.ein footage.

I've already more or less a parralel-rig constructed but is just very cumbersome.

I wanted to ask me if anyone ever experiences made with such a 3D still image, such as lenses of Loreo.
Are synonymous for video recordings available or suitable.

Clear has now synonymous heard that yes NEN interaxial fixed distance and have fixed focal and are only suitable for certain distances to the filmed object.

But do not do the 3D Cams of the Panasonic HDC-SDT750 as well (but still there are semi-prof. Model which looks like ne hpx) or have video cameras decisive advantages?

Ultimately, the 3D lens so to speak, the Picture side-by-side map

if I ne resolution of 1080x1920 for video DSLR and I have both pictures men's retirement in section I lose then yes, then yes, the Resolutionhab = 1920 / 2 810 pixel wide in the.

Is it that serious problems after the fact?

As it gets for the HDC-SDT750 out that she still useable 3D in HD takes up?

Some questions ....
Thanks for the help ever


Antwort von Jan:

"Maximil" wrote:

As it gets for the HDC-SDT750 out that she still useable 3D in HD takes up?

Not at all, because the 3-D footage of the 750 Resolution pendants somewhere between SD Resolutionund HD Ready. My feeling is even closer s.der SD resolution whistles. The rest is Panasonic Marketing.

I would make my 3 D images with the SonyHDR TD 10 or TD JVC GS 1, because there can be synonymous with 3 D, a 10x or 5x optical zoom.

About the Loreo I have read so far only one user is satisfied, another takes it nonsense and sees no real 3D effect.

I do not want to make clear the buck before, but 3D is definitely not prevail in video cameras the next time, at least in the consumer class. Also Sonyand JVC will sell more of it a few cameras (a price of 1500 ¬ does not make things better synonymous) to provide even possible that the two companies with its 2 lenses / sensors / processors a good 3-D picture on the legs.



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