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Frage von Dimijo:

Hi, I've been AE CS5 onto a big problem. And last renderings, Ram previews, or synonymous only the rendering of a simple frame for very long.

I have 4 Gb RAM in the system, under Memory & Multiprocessoring will be listed or adjusted properly synonymous. I have to have run only AE, and therefore I have allocated the full synonymous AE memory and no award for background applications. Media cache is also enabled and configured (, 4 GB on the system disk), it can therefore be Nich.

If I in the same window at the bottom of the "Details" Click to open the Overview window in which he tells me:

Max usable memory 4 GB
Max allowed Memory 0.4 Gb (; minimum system memory)
Used Memory 0.17 GB

So, a utilization of only 10%! Even when rendering it only uses this 0,4 GB.
I have no idea what the RAM is limited to 0.4 GB or where I can hire more "allow" or.
He does this extremely long for all ram intensive processes. I've found this problem in any other forum and am now really desperate.

PS: The problem has only existed for CS5, CS4 with everything went perfectly!


Antwort von NoQQa:


I am looking for days on the net for a solution to a problem that is your right ... but I find synonymous only explicitly your thread ...
Have you found a solution?

So I have 12 GB of Ram is inside me synonymous appear under installed RAM, but RAM usage is my zuläassige set to 0.4 GB!?
Why and how to change the shit??

Would be cool if you could answer briefly times ...




Antwort von Jörg:

Quote: I am looking for days on the net for a solution to a problem

few minutes reviewing the preferences would have been enough ...


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