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Frage von Klaus König:

AVID XPRESS DV, part of a project are suddenly OFFLINE!

Hello, I have about a year ago started a project, editing and archiving of old video tapes. I work under Windows XP with Avid Xpress DV 4.6.1.
In this project, I have different videotapes captured, to different "tapes" as a location. The synonymous everything ran fine. Now I sit back and it suddenly appears at 3 Clips "Media offline"

To clarify: I have in the meantime nothing s.den Avid data changed. In my project, several bins with clips and sequences in various "Tapes" is stored. Everything is on the hard drive D, in the original Avid folder. The 3 clips are all concerned on a "tape".

After I did a little rumgesucht, uswith the media tool, I found out the following:

For the 3 clips, each video track offline, run the two soundtracks. The raw data of the clips are already available, 2x audio in. Aif and even video. Omf
If I reveal the function of setting up file, but only finds Avid both aif - files.

Even with the RELINK function did not work (I have it but not yet final synonymous terms).

If I run the command refresh, Avid ärgerlicherweise shows me an error message, among other things, my 3 video files are concerned:

Exception: Disk_Access_Denied, s.error occurred scanning the file ....

Means that the data are lost? The rest is on the same plate in the same folder and run.

I'm with my Latin s.Ende and hope for your help.

Thanks, Klaus


Antwort von Andreas Pokladek:

What do you mean with "tapes as location" specified?

Yes location is drive D, which presumably OMFI Files folder.

Your media files are called Tape 1 and Tape 2 and / or something similar?

Or misunderstood? Please press thee precisely.

Gruß, Andreas.

PS: If I understood your problem correctly, the files have zerschossen. Is me in 5 years Avid practice has not yet happened. Did you copy something, or worked with a Partionstool?


Antwort von Klaus König:

Thank you for the quick reply. Sorry, tape is in my project's name, I in the capture window. When capturing, I wondered what tape is in my desk. So tape 1, 2, ...

The media files themselves have for the most part quite long, cryptic names. Location is drive D OMFI files in the folder.

With a partition tool, I have not worked and I copy the media data are not synonymous. Within the project and the bins, I will certainly copy.

You mean really, the data is over? That would be bitter.

Liebe Grüße, Klaus


Antwort von Maik:

Avid ... or has the link to the file forget.

In OMFI folder there are two files:


These are the databases in which the link to the original deposit
is. If Avid is herumzickt (such as when material on a
Removable disk no longer detected), then do I rename the ado


and Avid is the next time you start forcing these databases again
(as' cleaning media files Database 'message or something similar) and
has already lost so much again this year.
(When not working, and you have the origin back willlst,
then delete the newly created media databases and simply call the
two *. old back to *. pmr and *. mdb).

Many greetings,



Antwort von Klaus König:

Hi Maik, renaming the database files, I have tried synonymous. If I then start Avid, searched my hard disks and it shows me with my problem files, the error message that I mentioned above. I can then choose whether I want to ignore the message, or files to a quarantine folder, which is synonymous in OMFI folder. Both variants (ignore or move) will help me next.

Thanks for further suggestions, Klaus.


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