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Frage von NYCity:

Like everyone else I create a QT Ref File synonymous to a sequence in another program into an MPEG2 stream to encode. I put a couple of Avid Effect a ... Avid needs to render the effects, so that other Programs see these effects. But with the new render Avid deteriorated but the material. Or am I confusing something? Can a QT Ref file without creating a new rendering but the effects are still with this?


Antwort von prem:

In QT Ref is precisely rendered _non new. It says in there merely to what parts of which (precomputed) clips are played in what order. Therefore, the mov yes synonymous so small!



Antwort von NYCity:

The QT Ref only (I say times) contains links is clear.
When I import into Avid, then created the Avid Open Media Framework Interchange Files. Seen it are copies of my original files. If I had applying effects, etc., then so must the Effects Avid QT Ref to render a link to the rendered effects. Have not the rendered effects or a loss of quality? I hold no import DV files and uncompressed files.


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