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Frage von david:


I have a problem with the Avid Free DV.
In the search feature, unfortunately I could not find anything, so I hope to here a little jump start to get.

Short something about my project:
Mainly I want to leave entertaining / - and snowboard videos with credits, credits, securities, etc. in the "best possible" quality archivirung on DVD. (then synonymous reads any DVD player)
As is synonymous already my first question.

If a mini DV tape (13GB) 60 min. Video summarizes,
I get a warring finished film of about 20min. in
equal quality to a DVD (4.7 GB).
Probably not a DVD player kannn DV files read.
Is there a possibility then the video material loss
in a DVD-compatible format.
(there are only mpeg2 ..??? whats with DivX ..?)
Possibly. with variable bit rate to synonymous times 30min.
or 40min. to get to 4.7 GB ... ? ? ?

I am an absolute novice in this area
(ne never cam in hand held) and to the possibility of a wrong to minimize the time I borrowed an old Video8 of Sony Handycam. (CCD FX400E PAL)

My first min. Film I then promptly s.meinen curious as DVD-HDD recorder, which I like the clip synonymous burned to DVD. So, I jez hab Zeuch auf'm Calculator ...
and now.? :)

Can I use with the VLC media file (. Vob) file to start anything. Have read quite a bit here and a DV source material seems unanimously the best. Only when Archivirung seems to me the miniDV-tape for home use rather impractical. (Safety and Play option)

But now to my actual question.

Am in search of an appropriate software interface. Must however be freeware. No shareware, since I for sure the top will need a lot of time. Search sake why should a simple program. Bin beim stöbern in this forum at the Avid DV freeware and have encountered some questions about installing or downloading.

1. Why ask me the setup assistant for this FREEWARE after a
Serial Num: "and an" Auth Code :"..??? And where can I get the
forth. The email support stubbornly refers to the home page on the
I've found nothing.
2. Is it normal that when I download of Open Source Software
Data such as name, address, phone number, etc. must.
3. What is included in the download form with Zip / Postal Code: intentioned.

So, although that was more than I wanted to write uhrsprünglich times, but it would be completely synonymous, I think.
For proposals and suggestions of any kind I have an open ear.
And anticipate ever praise s.dieses forum and all the
constructively with their contributions to help the
Beginners like me an introduction to the fascination of the video world ...

so ... next!

Gruß, Simon


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Simon,

to two questions I go mal ein:

"Simon" wrote: Probably not a DVD player kannn DV files read.
That's right. Well, maybe a few outsiders among the players?

What a DVD-video consumption, you will find usbei Wikipedia. The good MPEG2 encoder with high data rate is of (DV -) Original not be distinguished.

"Simon" wrote: My first min. Film I then promptly s.meinen curious as DVD-HDD recorder ...
About the detour of a digitalisation using DVD recorder to a distribution medium restrict you post strong possibilities.

Better would be a digitizing to DV-AVI format, but due to a sample recording, I would not now synonymous A / D converter to buy / borrow. Hat maybe someone in your friends and acquaintances a DV camcorder, of the analog to digital convert it?

Five ways to Video8/Hi8 to Digitizer


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