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Frage von kermit2:


I come with the download only to the registration page. I will then be given the authorization code and all that happens.
Where can you download on the site then exactly Avid Free?



Antwort von fsd:

there s.rechten margin is
both the Mac, click the Windows version as synonymous ...



Antwort von Acer:

what is with viruses?


Antwort von gianca:

When I right click, I'll come straight to the beginning - that leads nowhere. Virus excluded - laptop is only a few days old.



Antwort von Ronin:

Maybe try with another browser?


Antwort von Peter S.:

"Anonymous" wrote: Virus excluded - laptop is only a few days old. Kermit The joke was good!
Open now 10 seconds on the Internet to the plate with viruses, trojans, etc. to fill. Especially on a new computer rarely have the latest patches are installed ... Because the operating system is draufgehauen of an image plate and performed a short functions. If the ignorant user has shot up after a short time the system caused by viruses, there's no warranty. An additional source of revenue for the service department ...
MFG Peter


Antwort von PowerMac:

With Windows, everything is possible.


Antwort von gast12345:

this is certainly not due s.einem virus, because I also come to the registration page!


Antwort von Gast:

that one ends up at the register is already correct.

"You will need your FreeDV serial number and authorization code, which will be emailed to you separately." - FAQ

What happened then? like next gehts because after the e-mail?



Antwort von ligger sunnyboy:

So I habs done like this:

1. download link to the other side down shie (link posted above)
2.the form filled with scrap metal (to address on a real throw-away e-mail is intended specifically for Registration)
3.The registration acczeptiert
4.Mein operating system selected
5. If Java Script is enabled (must be), then start the download

I hope it helped!

To feel that after 10sec of the Pc of fours on the Internet is infested are wrong! It depends on where and how to surf! (I do not like to know who has tried it) ;-)

I'm probably not in this forum allso s.mich questions can be the same!

mfg ligger SunnyBoy


Antwort von Anyone:

"Senay amare" wrote: Where can you download on the site then exactly Avid Free? Not at all - there is no more.


Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

"Anonymous" wrote: "Senay amare" wrote: Where can you download on the site then exactly Avid Free? Not at all - there is no more.
I'm not surprised in a year and a half old thread.


Antwort von tv-man_sh:

Although AVID writes on his website: "No longer available. Avid Free DV has now been discontinued, but there are many ways to learn more about Avid editing software and systems."
But, on the server of what still seems to be available. Click to here.


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