Infoseite // Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 - DVD templates are no longer there

Frage von Ralf L.:

PE 2.0 is really really good!

When I'm right, "easily let fly" (the new board, processor, etc.) all Funzt quite well. I've burned a DVD successfully directly from PE 2.0. So all Great! Exactly why I've spent all my money synonymous.

Unfortunately, I failed but now my second hard drive. This is exactly what was PE 2.0 installed, of course, synonymous to the many other unfinished PE - Projects and the entire computer - raw material to do so. As a long-suffering computer users but I have always adequate backups are available.

It ran as follows: pure new disk to install PE 2.0 and next go.

It looked as synonymous. Now I want to but my 2nd DVD from PE 2.0 to create and can not find any templates in the selection window "DVD templates. Everything empty !!!!!

PE 2.o uninstalled, reinstalled, uninstalled and reinstalled. Once uninstalled and tuneup with the remaining registry entries "Premiere" inspected. There was nothing unusual to find. The last reinstall brought nothing. The program runs fine! Cutting rendering, transitions and titles ... everything is OK, only the short list DVD - Templates remains empty even though the directory .. \ DVD templates available and is filled.

Whether the directory exists or it is destroyed, move or rename - PE 2.0 does not disturb off there. The template list is always empty! :-( (

What have I missed??
Which registry key or INI which shows the template path of PE2.0.

Who can I help make my wife happy again (I again time for you :-)
But I'm grateful for any assistance synonymous


Antwort von Ralf L.:

But I'm grateful for any help synonymous ....................................

FOUND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's incredible - but now it works. Even the tenth installation was not successful. Even the rumwurschteln in the registry did not work. Somehow, then helped the traditional trial and error.

Obviously PE2.0 is multi-lingual out of the house. If you 'DVD template "- not the sub-folders
place, then you have to put it on hold. (See, for Example, the Folder "keyboard shortcuts" or "plug-in)

That's it! Why is it so ???????

Many thanks and greetings of Mrs. Meier ;-))


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Ralf,

not every problem has appeared here once before and once someone has not always a suitable solution to hand. But if in future times a videographer should have to do with this case, he will appreciate your description ... ;-)


Antwort von Sondiq:

I saw your old post and now almost n'Jahr hope for your help!
Unfortunately, I miss my PE DVD templates too!?
've Tried everything, your tip synonymous with creating a DE folder, but all in vain.
Could you possibly describe in some detail on your way to solving this problem?
Thank you in advance!


Antwort von gast1:

Unfortunately, I am now synonymous in this problem! unfortunately can not be solved with your tip of the problem. but I hope to help!


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