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Frage von soflow:


I have a strange problem with the above software. I have shot on HDV 1080i. Also captured with Preniere Pro CS3. Processing problems (except for import into After Effects, with each of the slices at different times, unfortunately), but the rendering from Premiere now makes trouble:

In the export settings I have set the following:

1. Create a mov file
2. HDV 1080i50 / 25fps / 1440 x 1080 Px / HD Anamorphic 1080 (1.333)
3. Lower field first

I have pretty much all possible setting variations auprobiert, but only the setting is created with square pixels for Quicktime Player and other software a Picture in the correct aspect ratio. The mov file to me with the above settings (actually fits to 1080i) output is compressed (4:3).

The s.der funny thing is that, we premiere so that it render the same result again imported Preniere this correctly represents all other media do not. On the other hand, it behaves with the square pixels just the other way around.

Now I have the Mpeg stream Clipper with the conversion of the data subject. The result is so far okay, but certainly not without loss and also a step too many.

You know of this problem and someone can help? Is the error or the calculator? Would be glad to hear of you

Lieben Gruß


Antwort von Mylenium:

"soflow" wrote: Is the error or the calculator?

50cm in front of it. ;-) QT has no PAR correction, therefore, of the result is correct - Pixel s.Computer without any further effort are always square, and 1440x1080 is now under such conditions, 4:3. If you want to play s.PC's, should you ever in the acidic bite of apple, and it is FullHD on 1920x180 with quad. Pixels inflate.



Antwort von soflow:

Hi Mylenium

Thanks for the quick reply. With something I had expected. I think the mistake before Calculator; /.

If I understand you right, then I could, so to speak natively in 1080i (1440 x 1080 Px example on tape to play back to the whole plant then the copy to send, so that the material such as film scanning and might, indeed? What is it with the finishing on DVD for TVs from? That would probably depend on whether a TV is capable of HDV or not, right?

If I, as you say, inflate to full-HD, then yes, it is the upscaling to losses. Could I do not synonymous runterskalieren?

Lieben Gruß


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