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Frage von meinfilm:

I have the following problem. I have recently purchased Premiere Pro CS3, an older Versicon (3.0)

Had always been the installation problems. So I work my first memory of 1GB to 2GB Ram and aufgebessert as this fails, a new hard drive with 7200 RPM installed. Windows then reinstalled CS3 and re-played it.

It was still not. Then I downloaded all new updates, it's now version 3.20, but is still not working. When I first started, or After Effects, a Blue Screen of synonymous immediately disappears and the system starts immediately.

I have the following system:

Microsoft Windows XP
Home Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 3


Toshiba Satellite A100-169
Genuine Intel (R) CPU
1.66GHz, 2.00 GB of Ram
HDD Western Digital Scorpio Black 320GB, 7200 rpm
128MB ATI Mobility RadeonX1400 (since new hard drive with 512MB displayed)

However, I do not think it is a hardware problem, just like a problem with CS3 itself. Since the first attempt, with age-old hard drive and memory, it seems that problem still the same. Something with physical memory is always in this for 1 frame lasting blue screen.

I thank you in advance for your help!

Best Regards,


Antwort von jazzy_d:

Times the Disable automatic restart on system failure. Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Restart and Restore -> Settings -> System Error -> Automatically Restart. Then you can see BlueScreen times. Whether you then it is wise is another question.

Such bluescreens come allermeistens of hardware problems (Ram has been upgraded -> maybe it's old 1GB lazy, graphic displays suddenly 512MB RAM -> how much has since effectively?).


Antwort von meinfilm:

So what was a BAD_POOL_CALLER on the bluescreen. And with the memory, was only the information that the store was completely emptied.

As for the Ram is concerned, there are 2 completely new 1GB Ram. It can not lie, because I have the problem even before the new Ram had.

I think it is more likely a driver problem. But for my graphics card can I get any new drivers synonymous. It was also of house equipped with 128MB Ram. There is no on-board chip, it is no shared memory. Therefore the somewhat synonymous Misterio.

Belongings after the reinstallation of Windows and CS3, after it does not Biosupdate of Toshiba downloaded, what effect has that at startup no longer has the Intel Core Duo sign appears. Perhaps my graphic shows Kate so now synonymous to 512MB.

Hab synonymous NEN performance test run, everything ok with the graphics and the system.


Antwort von meinfilm:

Hello s.alle,

I have now solved the problem. It was purely a driver problem with the audio drivers of the sound chips.

After the update was aufeinmal and After Effects synonymous.

Best Regards,


Antwort von WWJD:

How have you solved the problem, I mean how did you update the audio driver? Can you please explain the procedure?
I had the same problem, nobody, not even Adobe could help me. In the end, despair at what I then bought a new PC :-(


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