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Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 vs. Kreativität

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 vs. Creativity

Frage von djoesch:
Dezember 2007

I'm s.verzweifeln - Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 has done it to me the fun s.der to work.

I work with a JVC GY-HD201E, together with Premiere.

My first lesson was (after a call to Adobe),
the Pr CS3 probably not support 720p50. Definitely - according to Adobe.
I've done it but, to the digitizer and the material to be cut,
by getting a custom Project created with 50fps and 1280x720 resolution, quad. Pix., HDV recording.
The only thing that does not work - IN and OUTS, because it takes only premiere exactly half, so make REC manual.

I do not know why Adobe as a scrap dovetailed, or why they are not at least now, after 2 Official updates that 720p50 synonymous officially support it. !?

Then it happens to me constantly, that I can not eindigitalisieren via firewire because Premiere thinks the device is not online.
After several paint Premiere restart device s.aus make it succeed then perhaps it is online and I can digitizer.
At the moment it is me in a DV PAL 576i tape sometimes and sometimes not - that can (!!!) the Windows Movie Maker (!!!) without problems (I sometimes loud joy tested)

I had recently again 720p25 material eindigitalisiert, partly because of the crashes with "IPPMPEGDecoder.dll".
Then I wanted to cut - but - it is essential to premiere "Audio align" and requires that so long as a recording studio for the production of an entire album ...
The project will take to load so sometimes its 30 min.

For Adobe called - na klar!

Probably external codecs are the problem - it was called.
I should be but two tools to download.
The DirectShow filter manager and the GraphEdit.
They are synonymous really useful.

I should be the "MainConcept MPEG decoder Adobe2" etc. to put a high priority.
After I had done, ran it! - First ...
After a reboot everything went back just as long, although he now for the MainConcept Mpeg-filter has.

But for my intervention by the system, I should of course be punished separately.
The Windows Media Player refused to play normal AVIs (Microsoft DV), and WMVs.
Quicktime MOVs refused to play (Sorenson3, H.264, animation), Nero Showtime DVD refused to play.
It was not at either, or all in black with light colored bright outlines of the film content.

Further interventions in the world did you filter everything much worse.
A reset of the Quartz.dll synonymous achieved no success.
In the DirectShow Filter Manager saw everything from sensible.

I still have to say that Adobe has advised me to reinstall, but all system services at boot not loaded.

That I might now done 6-7 times.
The reinstall of Premiere and After Effects needs more than half an hour ... Hello? Adobe has a Vollschaden ... sorry (The installation time by the entire CS3 Video Bundle, I mention only garnicht)

(Pentium Core 2 Duo, 2.67 GHz, 4 GB RAM, ...)

Currently I am about to re-up my system, but a lot of time would cost.

Premiere Pro CS3 has me in the last 4 months really finished.

Can someone similar report?

Best Regards

Antwort von der henne:

Comfort you. I have here the Premiere CS3 on my iMac and the program crashes constantly with a Beach Ball of Death from, especially when I keyframe animation from Premiere or Encore call. Already somehow weak, is already version 3.1.1 finally

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Can someone similar report?

No, not at all ... I knew what PPCS3 buy ...
I work with HDV -1080/50i material.
The tools I know, but you should always document what you do with it, it is logical.

Antwort von djoesch:

I know PP has a very long time, synonymous may very well deal with it, know all the effects, can always achieve what I introduce myself ...
but ...
with the new camera is not. I know what I am synonymous updates to CS3 bought. Because of the HDV support, etc. - and because the upgrade was free. (grace period)

But I think it has a bit of what synonymous with JVC to do.

I actually put on Sony. But my boss has just bought the JVC - was perhaps a mistake, because JVC eigenbrödelt format with certain stories, and / or Sony Simple is better (my opinion).

HDV1080/50i is so synonymous supported, as a preset.

May I ask with what PC / Mac and what camera you work?

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

DIY PC and SonyHDR HP-HC3 see below ...
In PPCS3 you can create presets synonymous own right after the start.

Antwort von djoesch:

I said yes.

... by getting a custom Project created with 50fps and 1280x720 resolution, quad. Pix., HDV recording ...

But that was only partly good - but "it goes"
Adobe has s.telefon said "it's not."

I say:
Adobe has not yet eliminated all the bugs.

It may well be that everything goes with you, but this does not mean
that I am doing something wrong.

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

If Adobe wants to achieve something, then have 5-10 people together and with identical material to reproduce the error and then send the documentation I think.

Antwort von r.p.television:

It would be like saying you have been better to put on SONY, or with a working standard as 1080i to work.
Precisely for these reasons I have been ignoring some times JVC products. Not that the fundamentally bad devices produce (although usually they do it), but you should always be aware that with such niche formats, not the free choice of NLEs has.
I have a smile to note that any consortium s.Denkern the 720 50P format now as the official HD standard has declared. Strange is that all of this is ignored. Sent is either 1080i, very rarely 720p. All the BD and HD-DVDs in 1080p at 24p or 25p. I can now synonymous not imagine that you now all the existing devices such as LCDs and receiver in the garbage will be because some Hirni club now aufeinmal decided.
So better not to any decisions of standardization Geilen hear. The spelling reform is similar to accrued and is usually ignored.
I do not know whether to Final Cut Pro or AVID these presets are offered, but perhaps had a few because of the Adobe Device no interest to a support guarantee.
There is probably more of presets for the EX1 worked.
Your boss would somehow have to be better informed.

PS: 720 50P format is certainly not bad and in every case than the jerky slide-lecture at 25P. I could daurhaft but only 1080 50P accept as a final standard. Because it's still takes the time being I will stay at 1080i.

APP CS3 I have not served, but APP is generally not a bad NLE. It has often been because of the consumer-oriented past, viewed as inferior and even Final Cut Pro users believe an infallible product (not bad but it is meant s.dem subjective thinking elite group of MAC users), but it is not worse than AVID and Final Cut Pro. When APP was some 2.0 features like HDV tape edition cheek, but otherwise you can not grumble.
Work professionally with Final Cut Pro (formerly AVID) to Apple. Private APP with 2.0 (yet) and PC. Can not completely subjective qualitative differences. One NLE has a bug that other there.

Antwort von djoesch:

It is from the skin to go !!!!!!!!!

I could at the Adobe booth einrennen broken beat and everything, which to me comes in the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Because I pay money for something does not work !!!!!!!!!!

I am now, in order to avoid problems with 720p25.

But then, I have exactly the same problem!

APP CS3 Pro spends hours by any audio align!

All settings are correct, the filters are set correctly:
*. mpeg> MainConcept (Adobe2) MPEG Splitter

> MainConcept (Adobe2) Video Decoder> Video Renderer
> MainConcept (Adobe2) Audio Decoeder> Default Direct Sound Device

Call me an address of a s.der development of APP Adobe employee involved and I k. .. his front door.

Recently I read of a SonyHDD Camera MPEGs on the plate and pulled into APP imported. No sound was there!

Then I les insider in any forum, I should be a filter AAC files from the Encore directory into the Premiere directory, so I use the sound in APP can edit. And lo and behold, after rebooting, the sound was there.
Sagt mal? Shall we soon coden itself, so that the *** is Sch?

Antwort von djoesch:

It is now 11:28 clock --
Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 v3.2

I sit there for over 1 hour wait to APP and a simple MPEG file with 720p25 material imported.

The file is located in the Project window.


Blending of *****. mpeg

Will I be today's paid for doing nothing?

Antwort von Manuell:

Ohweh sowas is howling. I have the synonymous of adobe cs3, aheb but no problems with premiere, but I'm working still synonymous with Mini-DV and 25P, but soon would like to change DVCProHD and just hope that there will not still have problems.

Which brings me great trouble, however, it was encore. The program has everything expected and every time just before your DVD should be described, there was an error. For projects with only about 10 minutes everything was fine, but at longer matters not.
Since I was desperate synonymous, have tried everything and talked with the customer.
The project I had completed s.einem other calculator and now I have a few new things and what should I say until now everything works, but so far no video file is longer than 30 minutes and I was only at the end of the month with about 2 Project hours did. Bin gespannt obs klappt then synonymous.
Did anyone actually ever greater problems with Photoshop. Because my impression so far is that I so s.wenigsten problems have not synonymous small bugs.


Antwort von Debonnaire:

With Premiere Pro CS3, I had little problems so far. Work, however, entirely synonymous with "classic" PAL DV (HDV nix or HD).

With Encore, I have constant problems! In CS3, even more than in previous versions. Encore makes me synonymous in the meanwhile 3rd Version, still seems as if it's just beta V0.9 stage were obtained. Not even a release candidate, while other software houses. From Encore I am grossly disappointed! From Adobe, I expect quality more clearly, as I with their other products actually quite'm very happy to!

With After Effects, I have no problems! Although AE CS3 probably complicated and powerful Adobe program, it basically runs uncomplainingly stable and impressive!

The same is true in a slightly lesser extent, synonymous for Photoshop CS3 (and its predecessor). Photoshop runs stable and does what it promises!

Well, Adobe Boys: Set times your A-Team (The Apprentice programmers now have 3 years tinkering may and there is nothing useful escaped. That's enough!) For half a year behind and makes the Encore Part FINALLY FINISHED! Thank you!

Antwort von david2:

Small tip (because synonymous s.Anfang 's the question was why the camera is offline): a bug (s.dem synonymous just a friend is in despair), that is to capture the preview monitor in the recording (in the F5 window ") on the upper right kl. Arrow must click -> check mark on video & audio preview and recording out of it.
A miracle: Suddenly, the camera can be detected and taxes!

Antwort von B.DeKid:


As times go schaun djoesch

So my first experience may have been only partially GUT with MPEG formats, especially when the material of standard deviations showed umgehn. This was synonymous in the early days with the material as DivX 3.11. You always had to wait a little or "fixes" are.

In addition to the sound problem

ac3filter_0_70b.exe - that I always install directly in with a new system.

Maybe could / should be so the sound and the video material already before loading into Premiere disconnect? This should go faster than with Premiere.

B. DeKid

Antwort von DWUA:

Different situation, different moments ...
CS3 strangely always in the game:

Parallel discussion under "Which format for Premiere?"

This time at:
"We unfortunately have to stay out!"


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 vs. Creativity

Obviously, the NLE has an important role, but depends only on the creativity of enlightenment from the editor ...

Antwort von Jörg:

Bruno let his times, I believe that in such engagements, and everywhere in a similar form occurring contributions is useless.
Who tried material from youtube, and god knows what for sources, to edit his system with various codec packs vollsaut who Cams material of clips or process whose format will not be supported, etc. USF, then with a tool like graphedit rummacht without I guess times, with the effect of their merits and codecs synonymous only in the least familiar to, has a large demand s.fachlicher help.
The he is widely required in such form is not found in the forum.
There are basic courses in different disciplines strongly advised.
Are Fernseminare determine if you have any expert on the shoulder can .;--)

For starters contribution:
The idea of the system is up begrüßenswert.Eine your other solution due to improper tinkering vermurkstes system launch takes longer, success very uncertain.
Maybe you've already synonymous of software providers gehörtdie Restoring of computer systems offer.
An order-based image allows you to continue s.System around screws, while the resulting botch is then removed in a few minutes.
Oh yes,
in my, and the approximately 5 dozen systems I with the Adobe products have happy, everything is running right on schedule. Initial irritations are eliminated, problems occur only in the usual dimensions of NLEs. The largest source of error is and sometimes the remains of any
Expertise exempt users.

Gruß Jörg

Antwort von djoesch:

Hello everybody!

relating to "... vs. creativity."
I thought so - if it does not work, I can not be creative.

But how was the synonymous - I have found the solution.
I have after I abandoned it at Adobe had me in MainConcept complains.
That said - I do not need me to complain, but should be trying the plugin "MPEG PRO !" HD 3" as a demo for you for free or buy.
I've tested it and lo and behold:
- No waiting for the digitizing
- Video Preview synonymous in Premiere Pro Monitor window

The fun will cost around 400 EUR, but we are happy, if you know that you no longer working time must be wasted!

And Jörg,

hör auf so arrogant to talk crap.
On the other hand, I obviously make a backup tool for an old system state restore. Only, I do not need to repeat that it is still far too much time.
I know you do not You do not know me, so let these subliminal sound.

Antwort von Jörg:

And Jörg,

hör auf so arrogant to talk crap.

read your postings in times of peace, you will rest on statements like these come
Currently I am about to re-up my system, but a lot of time would cost.

and now tell me who is on the idea should be that you
On the other hand, I obviously make a backup tool for an old system state restore.

backups available to you .... so much for subliminal sound!

Antwort von djoesch:

For a system restore (which I'll re-up with the same body) including Neuinstallationvon CS3, I calculate with 1:30 a.m. - this is for me a lot of time when you consider that I'm tapping in the dark because it is easy to lay,
that Adobe has no real support for the JVC ProHD mitliefert of APP in CS3, but this separately at MainConcept is available - which is None can know if you can not hear, or by chance herausbekommt.

With the subliminal sound I mean your numerous comments à la "lern erstmal how to bypass with a PC"
Sowas nervt tierisch me.

Even though I overall gaps in my knowledge that it makes me fuchsig when these discussions started, whether you even an understanding about the functioning of Coputern owns. Grrr.

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