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Adobe Premiere Pro Engine unscharf

Adobe Premiere Pro Engine blurred

Frage von trommeldidum:
Juni 2007

Good day!

I would like a small problem with the above program describe and hope that it synonymous to a solution gubt because the software I use at work must be.

To test, I shut my digicam image and have it as a moving picture is inserted. For the engine to test for errors after I render the highest quality (unc.) the avi again loaded and with the former still image is replaced. Then the reversed direction and again and again rausrendern can import and replace the whole and then 10 times. R To view the times I've Renderopt. and the Orig and the 10th Rendering posted. What is the problem?

In the upper picture you can see several horizontal crossfades, which after each change of direction in the new pure Videofile be - Why?

ps: the idea came to me after a work colleague gave me a video (Sony Vegas 7.0d), which in contrast and sharpness was better than a comparison file, with the Prem. was rendered (same source). The quality difference was clearly visible. So I started to test whether the qualification under Prem. could suffer ... they do it

Antwort von AndyZZ:

Switch times the function "New Compact" under

"Export Movie Settings"


There is one hook out NO.
And then try again.

Antwort von JMitch:

Adobe Premiere Pro Engine blurred

This is only s.Dir ...
Study the concepts of "interlaced" and "deinterlacer" before you know these allegations and pictures here reinstellst.

Antwort von trommeldidum:

So firstly, the chop when rekomprimieren a completely different function.

secondly, the (non-existent being) recomprimieren nothing to do with the original building positionsversetzt doubled with about 90% transparent, re draufgelegt will.

thirdly, is not s.mir but s.adobe.

Fourth, I know the best way with deinterlacing, and have the settings synonymous (see posting) accordingly taken (progressive).

fifthly deinterlacing vertically works, my problem is us, the echo-like horizontal shift. (ghosting)

For more suggestions, I would be grateful again.

Antwort von AndyZZ:

Sixthly: I have spoken of a hook, not of a "hacking"
Seventh: did you perhaps "join video" should choose, instead of "optimize stills"?
Eighth, do you s.wie a wannabe Klugscheißer infallible.
Ninthly: Adobe debt because it is, please s.Adobe
Tenth: you in this way and does not get much help.
Eleventh: I'm out of the thread ... and bye.

Antwort von JMitch:

Premiere is a real time system designed. This is only with the help of the compression and leads to loss of quality, which in the 10th Iteration maybe synonymous is visible. Perhaps this is the end product that you render uncompressed, for the intermediate steps of the calculation must not necessarily be the case. Stu Masch joke writes in "The DV Rebel's Guide: An All-Digital Approach to Making Killer Action Movies on the ..." (the last word of the title, I could not post because the spam filter is not allowed) which is for this reason the Premiere Project in After Effects and import is only there as color correction, dissolves, rendering the final make. No idea whether this really is the cause of your problem is, but I would be interested in what happens when you run the Premiere Project in After Effects and then importierst render lossless.

Antwort von Jörg:

Eleventh: I'm out of the thread ... and bye.

twelfth: think probably synonymous others, and take s.solchen "tests" and their "solutions" do not participate ...

Antwort von trommeldidum:

Thanks for the info! am tomorrow morning back to work and send the entire multiple times by AE, synonymous when it really should not be ... premiere still returns only the sequence of frames in order and has theoretically no need for any type of filter to use. it was synonymous of the reason why I use the reverse've ever used. First, because I have 10 times the video just so loaded and rendered ... the result was always identical to the original, even after 10 times. I thought to myself, the prem. eventually realized that a "stream copy" enough (there were no effects loaded), and perhaps has no equal render engine is used. in my opinion, so synonymous has changed nothing. because the engine but I wanted to test itself, I change direction as the procedure used, the engine should start while the building s.sich however would remain unchanged. and since I work in the Adobe CS2 packet must use and will, I want to really solve this problem wenns goes. If everything tear, I'll write s.adobe ... mal sehn. wish all a nice evening!

Antwort von trommeldidum:

Sunday of the test with the whole kram as described above is completed. Adobe After Effects has everything always wonderfully rendered.

My conclusion: if you premiere with cuts and fun, may with the quality expected to render. who fortunately synonymous after effects his own, is it really better off, because you can only by the after effects qualita rausbekommen obtained reingesteckt has previously synonymous. no wrong pixel aspect ratio and the use of lossless codecs vorrausgesetzt. Try this yourself / or. works (rum) ... :)

Antwort von JMitch:

Thanks for the info, very interesting. It remains only the question of whether a "problem" of Premiere, or whether it simply a necessary optimization is to create a real-time system to build. At least in me of the above is yes, the book argued that the NLEs in general is based on real-time only. If that is the case, we must be very lucky if you work with Premiere, because you can all the benefits of real-time cut and then use super comfortable to After Effects in order to change anything critical quality (color correction, final rendering, ... ) to do.

Antwort von JMitch:

"Real-time cut," what is this?
The separation of a video on the timeline by razor blade?

Antwort von JMitch:

A real-time video editing program is designed in a position at any time for a preview of the video signals, this preview will be calculated in real time during playback. These functions represent the most current NLEs (for a large part of your functions) ready.

Antwort von trommeldidum:

I get to the door!

not really.
Now I know that I use the AE has to render. BUT, why are the projects in their entirety as imported, as it has created in PP? I'm looking at www.tutorials.de synonymous in the forum after a solution, but it seems to me that I either too much or asking too dumb am to understand the AE to make. I could only AE with this simple effect of time reversal (see test above) to import from PP. all other effects, trying to transport fail. RGB is not correct. not to hide and even nix nix. someone knows where my mistake is?

ps:'ve tried the following:
PP / file / adobe dynamic link / new AE project ...
PP / file / save -> AE import
PP / windows everything the average mark copy -> paste AE
PP / sequence copy -> paste AE
PP / project / export as AAF -> effects are not supported.

what nu '?

Antwort von Debonnaire:

"Anonymous" wrote:
A real-time video editing program is designed in a position at any time for a preview of the video signals, this preview will be calculated in real time during playback. These functions represent the most current NLEs (for a large part of your functions) ready.

Also: The "... Preview is calculated in real time." This has rendered to the output absolutely no effect! Because if you have times when you export as an AVI for example zuschaust is anything but real. That you work on during the preview monitor ev Picture quality reduced seest, is normal in real-time systems, but the output of which can obviously not be affected (except for you requires an additional video card, then the real-time rendering of output over)!

Antwort von JMitch:

"Debonnaire" wrote:
This has rendered to the output absolutely no effect!

Sure, it should be. It remains only the question of whether any filter / effect, etc. in the program in two versions will be implemented (1x and 1x for real-time optimized for image quality).

What else you ran the qualitative difference between Premiere and After Effects export back, Debonnaire?

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