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Who is interested in:

Is only a brief impression is not a complete comparison.


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I just do nearly 5 hours of DV material, consisting of about 950 scenes
(about 950 individual AVI files) exist.
Everything is at the same time in a row in an Adobe Premiere Elements
Project loaded. One hour in a video track.

The thing runs very fluently and without an "hourglass", although in Taskmanager
370 MB of memory usage and 375 MB virtual memory
appear. Loading and Saving of the project go really fast.

The image quality of the MPEG-2 / DVD edition is convincing. The connection
s.externe audio programs (eg WaveLab) also.

I am very satisfied with Premiere Elements 1.0.

(Compared with video, I had deLuxe 2004/2005 Pros and Pinnacle
Studio 9th The decision was _meine_ needs very easily.)


Personal e-mails may not be read.


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