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Frage von bart330:

Dear All,
I have the problem that the audio track into an editing window is always slightly longer than the video track. Picture and sound, I have separately exported to Picture and Sound with MPEG2 DVD to WAV 5.1 then means I have the WAV with the "WAV to AC3 Encoder encodes 4.1". When importing into Encore, he shows me already know that the soundtrack is a frame is longer. Picture and sound once had then exported to an MPEG, Encore imported synonymous, but when I pull them into the Timeline is the soundtrack once more (: see picture). What am I doing wrong or what setting?
Urgently needed a tip must have the DVD ready by s.25.1.10.
Thanks and a greeting schonmal Bart330


Antwort von srone:

so long as the clay track only 1 frame longer than the visual track seems to me not a very relevant problem, since audio 48000 samples per second, and dissolves images just only 25 (or equivalent to 30 in NTSC) full frames per second, now if your audio samples are just a few more like your picture length, it makes your dvd software just right, instead of cutting off the audio it just adds to the whole frame, as the software "only" frame-accurate dissolves. If this behavior bothers you, you need to adjust the audio track in nle to the frame-accurate picture to shorten in the fall.




Antwort von bart330:

Yes, it bothers me even as I have several Videclips succession, wherein the delay is greater -> asynchronously

Can you tell me how this setting in Adobe Premiere CS4 must make?

Thanks for the info schonmal

Greeting Bart330


Antwort von bart330:

I finally able to solve the problem, on a second soundtrack, I could move the sound of the second cilps and then again first on the soundtrack. Now I have created the menu, everything went. But now I have only 5.1 instead of stereo, wine '
Kann mir da vllt. someone help next?

Greeting Bart330


Antwort von thos-berlin:

I do not have Adobe, but I would think in the following directions:

If the imported sound was a 5.1, then he should really be synonymous. Are there settings for the audio tracks for the format, so that if you move a trace of the other could make a difference?

Has the Project s.sich a corresponding adjustment?

As for the sound / picture Unsynchronität:

Can not you cut the "unnecessary Picture" in the soundtrack simply s.jedem image editing?

Firstly, it may well be that the most part this frame length has no sound (see article SRON). Then there is no preference. If they do, then a potential (maximum) offset is so minimal that it is practically not noticed. Even at a distance of less than 15m from the events to an observer you have an offset (in the same direction - Picture before sound) of 1/25s, so a frame length. So that we can still handle well.

If you are the soundtracks to long course strupide hang together, then add up after 25 hours and cuts you have a full second shift.

If you do not you dare, you can work with two soundtracks, and the alternately with the compositions of bear. Then you have always s.end an overlap between the two audio tracks of a frame. Then goes even the smallest "Tonfitzel" s.end not lost.

Or so you thought in your last post?

Quote: .... on a second soundtrack, I could move the sound of the second cilps and then again on the first soundtrack ...


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