Infoseite // Audio - and video track-splitting in Edius, HOW?

Frage von berlinrocker:


I still have the problem that I want to separate in Edius NEO 2.5 Audio tracks and video tracks of today. So, I have a video track and two separate audio tracks.

Does anyone have any idea?! It is important!



Antwort von rush:

Moin ..

in the 5 .. right click on the two tracks -> group cancel / remove ... then audio is free to move and can be moved to other tracks


Antwort von berlinrocker:

"Rush" wrote: in the 5 ..

Hi Rush,
what is the situation in older versions, same game or another way?

Thanks! :-)


Antwort von nico:

Quote: what is the situation in older versions, same game or another way?

Sorry, why this question?

I would try first one and then go when it actually does not work, ask again. But only then!


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