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Frage von batafuco:

have my huge video files from the ixus (about 100 mb for 1 min 640x480) with virtualdub or tmpgenc converted.

The new file is only one third of the original size, but still too big. I can reach a reasonable filesize?

the other problem is the sound that is much worse, scratches easily. what can I do to the hinzukriegen sound better? Of the music clips with tmpgenc convert gamacht I have good experiences, the sound was always good. why it does not work with my home movies?

With the divx converter do I achieve a 10 times a file, the quality remains, but I then files. divx, which can only be played with the divx player. I do not know if I can burn them so that dvd players can read it.



Antwort von Jan:

Yes my post will not bring as much Xs have mono sound wave with a very limited frequency response, as may well not much
be feasible.

Yes, the AVI file at Canon Ixus hell is going great since only about 10 (Camera shows a good 8 minutes in - with permanent recording but fits over it) 640x480/30B/s min to 1 GB of pure video, then convert to MPEG 2 would be been useful, then there's no stress synonymous with any DVD player.

The question is, can play your DVD DIVX player ever?

Videoaktivdigital had made in the last issue once an MPEG 2 / 4 Umwandlertest tested synonymous free converters - the times were not bad - maybe browse times.

Yes, the conversion of 30 to 25 images, the quality is not synonymous make it any better, so Casio has probably decided to deploy the newest model Z 1000 pictures feature a 25, I can not imagine anyway that is reflected on a "small" 1 / 1 can be 8 "CCD with 10 million pixels to create a very good picture, well wait times what the magazines say, perhaps, will the new anti-noise support .... what



Antwort von batafuco:

Thank you.

However, the problem with the file size remains.

what I as a layman not begreiffe is this: how is it possible a long one and a half hours of cinema film in an acceptable quality on a 700 MB size to get, while my home movie canon in the same size provides only 5-6 minutes?

but it mus be some possibility that file in mpeg format to transform so that it is 5 minutes gets compressed to a maximum of 70 MB.


Antwort von Jan:

Yes, I do not compress with and dangerous to know me well, Vitualdub or MPEG 2 TMEGenc know, I hope the reconversion experts here sign up.

The problem is more likely the input format in MiniDv usually use the DV-AVI plenty MPEG 2 / 4 converter beherschen, Canon IXUS 55 synonymous the AVI container, and as a format - Motion JPEG compression and Wave mono sound.

In principle, no problem - you have to find the right converter, MPEG 2, I think times to get instant access with a DVD player, converter s.der get along with the sound wave is ne another question.

As already good converter / codec's said to create MPEG 2 with 10 Mbit / sec in MPEG 4 and about 5 MBit. / sec a good quality. Unfortunately Digiknippsen usually take with a data rate of about 5 Mbit / sec on and are already pre-loaded, so even is the use of a high speed card in motion / panning each lost more film entitled. The data rate / hard stop compression is not enough

Beautiful is because eg a Pentax S 6 / A 10 in the once popular MPEG 4 and DIVX codec to record with a good DVD player / recorder instantly playable eg after burning with Nero.



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