Infoseite // Audio track is always much longer than video?

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search habs forum, nothing found.

I had ne avi and they will walk with TMPG to mpeg2 for dvd. The film is just 73 min long. But the soundtrack, according to TMPG always 220 min? erkennts premiere right to play in all players at all synonymous in the regulatory .. why is that?



Antwort von Nightfly!:

Moin moin!

Here, once a litter this weekend! You have converted an MPEG to an AVI File PAL-NTSC-FILE. In your audio track on the route has remained.

What do you have for codecs in the AVI file and what format?



Antwort von ludwig.s:

Ähhmm I do not know, --

I wills versa.

I have: AVI (73min)
I want: DVD, so mpeg2dvd

Problem: When I invite in Tmpeg, then the soundtrack is always three times as long as the Picture. When I play the video and editing on Premiere, is everything exactly the same length.
When I at the premiere to encode MPEG 2, then always come out totally oblique cases, either no sound or picture or something. weird strange --

NTSC, there was never set somewhere ...

i dunno


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