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Frage von Maja22:

Hello together,

have with the Windows Movie Maker video cut (parts are MPEG files), which was subsequently adopted by the Project as MM. MSWMM saved.
Did this movie with Windows DVD Maker on DVD (which incidentally, infinitely long) and now appears in the sequences where I have a separate audio track (. Wma) have overlaid the music but no video, just get a black screen ...

Tried that. MSWMM file as another format to save (. Mpeg,. AVI) and synonymous tried it on Media Player, RealPlayer and the VLC media player (. VOB) to run, but no preference, what I do, the format of the file is not recognized.

Can I use the. MSWMM convert file somehow so that they are at the different players can be played?
Or how can I get this weird format on DVD burn, without the affected video files are lost?
(In the Movie Maker Sound and Picture are moreover perfectly superimposed abgepielt ..)
Would possibly synonymous ready, the film again on another program (if is not freeware) to cut, if it means these annoying problems can be excluded. Maybe someone can send me a friend?

Would be nice if someone could help!
Thank you!


Antwort von Markus:

"Maja22" wrote: Can I use the. MSWMM convert file somehow so that they are at the different players can be played?
See here:


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