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Frage von baloni:

Hello together,

Beginners and I have a video from digicam created. Here are some audio clips are added, but I with different audio levels to play. This is the Movie Maker does not seem per clip, but only for the entire film, is that correct?
I've actually only convert Premium 2008 Magix bought synonymous but there I do not know whether and how to do it.
Whenever possible I do not want the whole movie in Magix redesign. Can I use the Movie Maker from import to edit?
I hope someone can help me and thank you in advance.



Antwort von joerg-emil:

in Magix works on every case. You can cut your project does not open with Magix. One idea would be, if you are in Movie Maker the audio clip whose volume you want to delete and modify the movie as a DV-AVI or Mpeg 2 exportierst.

Then drag the exported movie in Magix on the timeline of a new project and add the audio clip by dragging and dropping them onto a free Spurs added back. The audio - and video files into Magix on the timeline as objects that are different "handles" have (square boxes above the left, center and right, bottom left and right). The volume you are changing only by making the upper middle handle with the mouse up or down pull. With the touch above the left and right you can show or hide, with the lower left and right, the length of the clip change probier times, is quite simple ...

Good luck!

Greetings from the Rhine
Jörg Emil


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Audio Levels in Movie Maker and premium magix 2008

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