Infoseite // Avid Liquid 7 Upgrate, InstallationsDVD not start on my calculator

Frage von Fhermann:


I am currently working with Pinnacle Liquid Edition Pro 6.0 and I have purchased the Avid Liquid 7 Upgrate.

The InstallationsDVD the Autorun does not start when I go to the workplace, I see the drive G: the Avid Liquid logo. When I try to start the launcher, I get the message:

G: is not a valid Win 32 application.

What does this mean, where is the mistake? My system?

It is a powerful calculator with the latest hardware and operating system Window XP Professional.

who knows the mistakes and can contribute to the solution?



Antwort von Gast:

I understand that right?
Setup does not start on the Autorun function. Then you open the DVD with right click.
Which File for Dost thou then, so how exactly is called the?
Perhaps it is the Setup.exe for Windows XP 64bit version, so perhaps the error message.


Antwort von MMC:

Greet thee, I have a problem synonymous.

Simply MSCONFIG and run with reduced settings and then start Instalieren.

GRuß George

I have as yet ne question, I later purchased my breakout box, unfortunately AVID 7 does not recognize them, synonymous times when I plug in the USB drivers will not have Windows Xp SP2.


Antwort von silentzero:

If you later purchased the box, I guess s.das the software is not the Pro edition. Then there will be no synonymous Drivers on it.


Antwort von O`Shannon:

retrospectively to install the box to go into the setup directory
then the File
comp_drvmbox.EXE call box to select it's done!


Antwort von michael932:

Hello, I have the same problem, only with me Does it help anything if I start comp_drvmbox.exe!

... I have the box of just getting it back could be the repair of the box is broken?


Antwort von silentzero:

If it is detected because of Windows if you infect them. Oh, if it does not work in Liquid, should be started when you connect the hardware wizard.


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