Infoseite // DVD can not be imported into Avid Liquid?

Frage von julchenju:


Please urgent help! I have a video on Avid Liquid cut, then I have it on DVD. Now, I have something s.dem video again and would therefore like to change the DVD with the video back into Avid Liquid import, but that does not work!

Hope to Tips and tricks of you!
Thank you


Antwort von HighDefinition:

Hello julchenju,

Does not necessarily work, so it's listed in the manual synonymous.
Clicking on the rack in which you want to import, dan recht'sklick media import, specify the path, then, important to the bottom: select show all files, soltten now they appear. Otherwise, * vob mpg or enter synonymous with what a lot of work.

Otherwise, with (t-rex) in dv convert avi and then import it.



Antwort von thos-berlin:

Other times in the two specialized Liquid forums' look inside and ask:

Independent LiquidUser Community - Arbeitskreis NLE

Liquid / EditionDV Forum


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