Infoseite // Camcorder to film and sell with EOS 550D?

Frage von UliW:


for a few months I have a Canon EOS 450D and am very excited
of photography with the DSLR! My Canon HF10 camcorder is since the last holiday in the closet and I have more synonymous as the Panasonic TZ7 had used to shoot. I will continue to keep synonymous.

My reasoning is: when the HF10 acidified in the closet, why not sell well and the 450D and then a 550D Body for purchase. Better DSLR (though more compact than 7D, which is already great, but currently not an issue) and yet full-HD video feature. Will often be on the road with the DSLR and then lug a camcorder still not my thing, so synonymous has not proven workable.
Weiss, yes, that one grappled with DSLR-Video more needs than with an uncomplicated HF10. 've Still TZ7 if it takes a while until I get along with the 550D ...

Maybe it's all synonymous another like me, but if I want to sell the HF10, you should do it soon, to achieve even a good price. Is just under a year old. Selling the 450D (good years old) is not a problem anyway.

Would be grateful if you would tell me what you think of my time thinking!

Greetings Uli

edit: oh yes and I can import the AVCHD clips in iMovie with the TZ7 use the H.264 clips of the 550D in a Project? Should work but actually, as iMovie (8.0.6) yes both probably imported to the Apple Intermediate Codec, right?


Antwort von Mink:

550D Cons:

no image stabilizer,
no automatic focus, automatic exposure is not a good
even worse internal microphone (not Pegelbar)
etc. ..

known Pro's

If you are you aware or did before the problems to get a grip on the plan is good .... selling the old stuff and have fun with the 550D .... should still good at the 800 ¬ for both devices get ....


Antwort von beiti:

"UliW" wrote: Will often be on the road with the DSLR and then lug a camcorder still not my thing, so synonymous has not proven workable. My experience is that simultaneous / timely shooting and shooting goes in the pants. Either one can concentrate on taking pictures or out to shoot, because the focus is quite different: go When shooting it very much around the optimum light and the best technical quality of individual pictures, as you wait synonymous times a few hours on the correct position of the sun, uses the possibility is a long exposure shooting, etc. When it is less about the individual picture as to the entirety of a film, for which one should have a concept in mind, the complex comes at a technical Page add sound, which alone is quite a science.

For fixed running events you have to decide between Stillimage anyway and video, because as every important point comes only once (for example, the Yes-word at a wedding).
With scheduled recordings (for example, travel photography / film), although the use of both media would be the timing of her conceivable, but for good results have to be there in two disciplines really well.
I know a few people who think they control the mix of media, and then show the example of a trip a few photos as well as one or the other short video. But unfortunately they both move at a very low level of quality.
Especially on trips that are not pure photography trips, often lacking even for the best shooting time. The non-photographed fellow passengers feel irritated quickly when you repeatedly break reminder to take photos. For individuals alternately filming synonymous still want to improve the situation not been determined.

In short, I thought of the two cameras simultaneously Dabeihabens find lapses. You should always first consider whether you want to film or photograph, then deliberately take the appropriate equipment and you try to get a good result at home with.

That for shooting a HF10 practical than an EOS is probably no doubt (apart from the depth of field effect that can be seen now so common that it is synonymous desolate again).
For documentary shooting I think even a 550D entirely unsuited.
But if you have more passion now is taking a picture and you want to focus on yourself, you can sell the HF10, of course.


Antwort von UliW:

Thank you for the detailed comments!

First and foremost, I'm on the 550D sharp, because it is the better DSLR and I've really found that my DSLR photography but more excited than shooting! Is now sometimes the other. Expect synonymous of the 550D is not sooo much, as far as the video feature. Until now I have in many situations (holidays etc.) the possibilities of TZ7 indeed be enough.

My thought was just synonymous Sun about 800 ¬ for the HF10 and get the 450D, as Mink noted so correctly and then to buy about 700 ¬ for the 550D body.

I will not let a few more days left and I decide then ...

Greetings Uli


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