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Canon XH A1 vs Canon XL H1  aka oder noch warten ....

Canon XH A1 Canon XL H1 vs aka or wait ....

Frage von B.DeKid:
Januar 2008

Hi folks

Ich hab da mal one or several issues.

1. Test / Comparison Result

I have of course, the comparison of both cameras to read and ask myself the question, "Why was the Canon XH A1" a VERY GOOD?

Is it s.dem price? And the equipment?
(Consider the XH A 1 is synonymous of 2007)


2. I am about whether I use a Canon XL H1 buy ....
or information, whether someone has a "Flash-based version of" / successor (XL H 1) is herrauskommen?


3. How satisfied are current users of the Canon XL H1?


You know I am very pleased of the XL models, but would like to XL H1 is not a buy and then six months later a newer model of this camera on the Canon Page to find.

Also, the price of an XL H1 nor feasible in the area reserved for me. Everything about 10 K is probably not for me.

Since I berreits with an XL 1s have enough accessories and assumed the man so the lenses (wide angle) s.der XL H 1 can be used, I see in the Comparison / Test the weakness of the Wide Angle function not as the problem.

It would be really nice of you to me a couple times bezgl. these tips to give.
Before I get my "piggy bank" Battle?

Thanks in advance

B. DeKid

Antwort von ocean5:

I can not do much to say only this:
The cameras have the same sensor and the same processor.
The only advantage of spontaneously stopped me is that the switch Lenses and 4 audio tracks can have (at H1)

But the A1 is much cheaper.

SD objective (if there is no broadcast optics are) s.eine HD Camera synonymous could go in the pants ...

I would consider whether I want to switch Lenses / need and if not take the A1, or if there is money HVX200 (DVCPRO HD for).

Antwort von PowerMac:

SD-optics s.HD cameras are not good.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

@ PowerMac

Ok, that means then, the HD Wide Anglefür ca 2500 to take yet.

Property do you know whether the EF adapter (I use with either feast or ILS lenses lenses lenses from my Equitment Still Image)
because it still fits?
I like the quite useful for macro or just to shoot the kite surfers from the beach.

Thank you

@ Host
Sorry for years but I am a genuine Canon Vernate if already a Canon XH A1 and the looks to me more like its "Jackass" or "P + o + r + n + o" from Camera.
With an XL version of I'll go a VERY good Semi Pro Camera from ;-)
Above all, what do I have what I was HHB PDR 1000 connected lässt.Siehe ...
http://forum.slashcam.de/canon-xl-1s-and-hhb-pdr-1000-timecode-syncronisieren-aufnehmen-vp263019.html?highlight = # 263019

Antwort von r.p.television:

I have both cameras.
The XL H1 since May last year and the XH A1 has been two months.
My opinion is - times the price except ignored - that the A1 is a better camera.
Much better handling. The XL is so top-heavy and the shoulder condition is not a big help because the camcorder is constantly pressed against the shoulder should be. Here is more blurred than with the A1.
The display and the viewfinders of the A1 are synonymous minimally better.
It is for most purposes weitwinklig enough to look at a converter to be able to forgo.

Only until now perceived shortcoming is that the built-Micro has no pop. When recording to the 100dB sound overdriven and distorted, although the level is at -9. But since it is so easy to manage. Either pop or an external Micro into the holder.

I've synonymous the HD 6x wide-angle lens. This is the XL H1 is only good. The CA is no longer so strong and the picture is sensationell plastic.
The old WW 3x pass but although it does not offer rudimentary quality. Randunschärfen and CA.

I actually wanted my XL H1 against the soon coming of shoulder camera Sony S70 Swap. If these diseases but the same as the EX1 is (Rolling shutter, zoom servo stutters, CA jumps, Durchzoombarkeit question, poor weight balance, etc.), the H1, I will probably still retain.

If you do not plan you still like the WW 6x to buy, take prefer an XH A1. In ProMarkt.de currently for 3048, - Euros via credit card and one week delivery time.

Antwort von M-Trax:

Contributors especially good because you have both models.

I think at the moment is di s.wirklich a great buy if HDV last.
price / performance is especially unique.
I liked the Ergonmie of H1 incidentally never before.
sony toppt bad ergo bedienerunfreundliche anatonmie now with the ex1! otherwise it is of course up to the cmos chip / rolling shutter unbeatable especially in low light.

what are "jumps around" and of probs with the servo durchzoombarkeit and I can not report on the contrary, the optics of the ex 1 is in every respect of the hammer. absolute revolution in this segment.

Antwort von Tuffy:

Times more likely not as relating to:

at halfway sophisticated internet porn movies are quite a caliber used XL ;-)

@ B. DeKid
If you allg or only in my ears indicated that the XL1S ggf you want to get rid of ...? :-)

Antwort von r.p.television:

"Anonymous" wrote:

what are "jumps around" and of probs with the servo durchzoombarkeit and I can not report on the contrary, the optics of the ex 1 is in every respect of the hammer. absolute revolution in this segment.

Well, the term Ca-jumps, I even invented, because it's probably not a general term for Well ... this problem.
Sonyhat but the digital circuit is installed, the CA (color bleeding) at a fixed focal wegretuschiert. Now if you look after a Kriechzoom etc. in a fixed focal goes poppen CA suddenly gone and the character of the image depending on the motive to change significantly. Because of this CAC is not switched off, this is sometimes (although s.sich a laudable development) very disturbing. At least I noticed this is negative.
I find this effect partially similar disruptive than if the autofocus just pumping.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Tuffy" wrote:
If you allg or only in my ears indicated that the XL1S ggf you want to get rid of ...? :-)

No not yet, it depends of various aspects (client wishes bzgl.Quali) but I wish they (heavy heart) then do I sign up. And for such "movies" which you mentioned can be synonymous Sony s.Set for you ;-) But yes, the XL will be happy to put (hat was in the genre with the "Size" to do, I think ;-)) Is halt a matter of taste whether Sony or Canon (Canon vs. see. Nikon reserved in the Still Image) I like Canon halt and my equipment is almost synonymous only from Canon.

@ rptelevision

Thanks for the tip or explanation / report
And yes, the Wide Anglewäre then absolute must, movies almost exclusively with wide-angle (otherwise L IS 70-200 or 400) (animals or surfer etc)
It was me not so synonymous to money, but more about experience and the possible speculative statement "possibly a new version now comes" Since this has not yet mention / comment was .... hmmm .... wait, I still a little.

Antwort von wascosa:

Yes, in the business size is a big factor: D

If you decide you want, write me s.unter>> el u ce edt there is a te o el he punkt i <<
Call me paranoid, but ch poste disliked my addresses.

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