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Canon bringt zwei neue HDV-Camcorder: XH-G1und XH-A1

Canon launches two new HDV camcorders: XH-A1 XH-G1und

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
Juli 2006

Canon today announced two new HDV camcorders: XH-A1 XH-G1und of rudi - 26 Jul 2006 10:26:00
Update: As I speculated before today presents two new Canon HDV camcorder. While there are not all the details, but this much seems to have been fixed: The XH-G1 and XH-A1 are therefore in the form factor of the old XM2. They are equipped with 3 1/3-Inch-CCDs that dominate the full resolution of 1440 x 1080 pixels. Apparently here the same CCD, installed as the XL-H1. The lens is designed as a 20X zoom. In the audio field, there are real XLRs with phantom power. In addition, the cameras of Canon's special recording software console can be controlled. "
The camera controls numerous (about 21) manual preset options from the professional sector (including Black Stretch, Knee, and two GineGamma curves). Moreover, the new 23 type settings (presets) will bring for specific image conditions. It will also give a true 24 fps mode for the official film look. Photo features are also integrated (1920 uninterpoliert x 1080 pixels). The big brother XH-G1 also comes with a broadcast SDI interface and genlock support. The XH-A1 will be s.Mitte November in Europe for about 3800 Euros available), the XH-G1 for 5,500 euros (converted yen courses.
If the specifications do not change with these models, Canon will probably succeed in a blast: The peak is known to CCDs, the XL-H1 with XLR and manual controls without end for the price of an FX1. Hats off.
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Antwort von Reb:

For more information, although in Japanese, but wait a few pictures on the Canon Japan Page:


Antwort von rudi:

Thanks for the link, I've just installed ...

Antwort von mint400:

Wow, I wanted to grow in the autumn, a Z1, but it does look like I'll have to give preference for Canon. Consider, just take the infinite possibilities of color correction, within the action.
Definitely a balancing act between the HVX200 the recording medium does not convince me and the Z1 in the "cinematic" direction is not really at home ....

Antwort von stonee:

Hmm ....
I'm curious about how Sonyreagiert.
The FX-2 must indeed be the hammer: o)


Antwort von DjDino (Toth Dominik):

Here are the (not at all times as bad) Translation to English:

http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http% 3A% 2F% 2Fcweb.canon.jp St. 2Fprodv%%% 2Fxhg1 langpair 2Fpoint.html = yes & &% 7Cen = en & ie = UTF-8 & oe = UTF-8 & prev =% 2Flanguage_tools

http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http% 3A% 2F% 2Fcweb.canon.jp St. 2Fprodv%%% 2Fxhg1 langpair 2Fspec.html = yes & &% 7Cen = en & ie = UTF-8 & oe = UTF-8 & prev =% 2Flanguage_tools

Antwort von juhuuu:

when they say that for 4000 is available, then the A1 but the internet only costs about 3600 ¬ or so? but most of it is that matters will be sold under the MSRP, right?

Antwort von cawdor:

does anybody know the lux - rating of the action?
Would be interesting to know how the DVX in Comparison to the good old stands and how strong rushes of gain.
So gehts ja schonmal from class. :-)

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sounds, vision, interaction

Antwort von rudi:

According to Canon it 0.4 lux (in Manual mode is), but you can not take the manufacturer's instructions in this area very seriously, much less compare it between two manufacturers.

However, it looks as if the action in the complete XL H1 signal processing lies. However, the manual was gain of 18 to 36dB (!) Increased. Therefore, the picture is likely a bit more noise than the FX1/Z1, which is currently the best cam in this area. This is due primarily to the higher pixel density of the CCD in the Canon.

Super-and low-light noise is a tradeoff, ie both in one model at the moment probably not in current 1/3-Inch-Chips inside. But let's wait.



Antwort von cawdor:

actually seems to be another round thing. Well, the XLR inputs, both models have had the last day, a production with an FX-1, and there again painfully realized that a Adapter to mini-jack shit is easy, keyword "dimmer" .. XLR balanced inputs, or is simply a must have ..
The extra charge for SDI, Genlock and TC is crisp, but the best model is indeed up to the same features and there is then an MSRP of 4k been fair.
0.4 Lux is IMO the value at full gain, I think time in Real Life is the Cam of the sensitivity of her act somewhat like a FX-1.
A pity that the EU version does not yet seem to 24p, but 25p is synonymous ok - the importance of compression deinterlacing BEFORE HDV.

Could now follow suit and Treat the Panasonic HVX an HDV option - drive is already there even before - otherwise it quiet in the land panny ..

:: Www.deepcode1.com::
sounds, vision, interaction

Antwort von Ingo:


'm new here ... but just saying


With 3x CMOS sensors (probably 3x ClearVid 2.1 million),
HDMI-out and completely neugerechnetem Lens.

S.October expected for 3500, - - 4000, - EUR available.


Antwort von dvcut.de:

So Sony FX7 and Z7 have heard something strange. FX2 and Z2 certainly make more sense.

Antwort von Ingo:

Well, the Japanese have never had a good sense of understandable naming (at least not of us) Europeans.

HDR-HC1> HC3 - where is the 2?
DCR-VX700> VX1000> VX2000> VX2100
DCR-HC90> HC96
DSC-T1> T3> T9> T30> T10

No one knows ;-)

Antwort von XH-A1:

Are looking forward to this very camera finally an alternative to Sonyand Panasonic.

Antwort von rubbedikatzzz:

The main thing then is not synonymous na 3 months on the display "Remove the Cassette". That was the reason why I sold my XM 2nd

Antwort von Jan:


Here again a few more features & accessories for the Canon G 1 / A 1


Antwort von Kameramann:

Hello, we have the G1 and XH-A1 video s.nächsten Stammtisch there. Comparison with XL-H1 and possibly the new Sony.
There are cordially invited all interested parties.

Antwort von Valentino:

Ah yes, the XH-G1, I had been synonymous in the hand. Camera is already a class, only the demo unit at the focal plane MF has always come after a short time into blurry. When Auto Focus, this error was not observed. Would interresant if you could test the synonymous times, but please do not judge veruschen this error on the display.
According to a test of a video journal, the FX7 (81Punkte) is the winner and the A1 (80 points), the buy recommendation, so the cameras will be very equal.
What I do not quite understand the hype around 25f-Funtkion the Canon, which the chip is still interlaced read out these fields and will be joined by a de-interlacer. Sowas can do I still synonymous with a good software s.PC.
The situation is different because of the HVR-V1, which reads the true 25 frames from the CMOS chip.

Antwort von Nicht eingeloggt:

"Valentino" wrote:
What I do not quite understand the hype around 25f-Funtkion the Canon, which the chip is still interlaced read out these fields and will be joined by a de-interlacer. Sowas can do I still synonymous with a good software s.PC.
The situation is different because of the HVR-V1, which reads the true 25 frames from the CMOS chip.

Yes! This time would be nice to know, what sort of f-mode properly. There is another thread about this, I have moved up for days, and has responded to the most out of shame (owners of the XL-H1) or ignorance None.

The images derive directly s.einen plasma TV, which would probably lead to the rejection of a Field, and so would be counterproductive. Does that make sense. It must therefore in the postpro with the interleave - method (the so-called?) Will be deinterlaced. I mean the easy way to display both fields simultaneously, which leads to the well-known in normal interlace comb pattern. Which leads one tool that deinterlacing permanently. Is it enough to eliminate the Halbbildpraeferenz?

A Comparison with the SonyV1 would be very interesting, synonymous with respect to the higher (?) Resolution of the Canon.

Antwort von Valentino:

So as a tool of VLC player should actually be sufficient and s.besten the whole thing on a screen with 50 Hz or more show read. An LCD is 60Hz so auszuschliesen first time because he would unsyncron for PAL video. Even so, one thing is most of the time like to simply swept under the rug. Ideal for comparison would obviously be a CRT HD preview monitor (not a High Definition Television).
What still needs to be synonymous words, the process of 25f Canon inkompartibel to the HDV standard, and can only be played of Canon equipment. In Sonyist not so here can read each system, the Canon synonymous tapes. The reason is that stores the V1 two identical fields, so it is therefore still dealing with 1080/50i.
How accurate Canon writes in the MPEG 2 stream (25p!) Has until now I umbekannt.

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