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I will digitize a VHS for a friend. (He has no DVD recorder more) He wants the film then cut to his mac. I have a PC with Win XP. Usually I take to capture an ever-pegasus m huffyuv jpg or. However, there are both not for mac os. I have not yet installed a Panasonic DV codec, but it is not proposed to capture of VirtualDub. ffdshow has a Sony DV codec, with this I have a capture times - make a trial. Has actually worked well. I wonder now if the will work under mac os. DV is actually equal to DV? So if I have a Sony DV encoded video, can the synonymous of a DV codec from another manufacturer be decoded? I'm not even sure whether there is a DV codec for mac os. I myself have never worked with it. Or maybe someone has another suggestion. What codec could I use to capture?
He should be free and to get sowol for Windows as synonymous for mac os his.



Antwort von RickyMartini:

On the Mac, Quicktime DV is processed in the container. With an analog capture card, but it is not possible with a DV codec incorporated - that is only via Firewire!
There are many DV codecs, so to play the codec that was used at a clip that must be installed.

Thus, you take so with MJPEG to wander and then to Quicktime DV.


Antwort von alpha_nbg:

Thank you for the information. What do I need in order of m-jpg to convert to quicktime-DV? This is going to be multiplexed in a mov container, which means I can not do with VirtualDub. Which tool can I use it? should of course be free.


Antwort von tommyb:

With the DV codec can be synonymous Cedocida capture DV in VirtualDub.

The Panasonic DV codec is a pure decoder.

Possibly. would be suitable for ffmpeg muxing (including any GUI).


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