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Codec Probleme mit Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5

Codec problems with Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5

Frage von crocker:
August 2005

Thus. I have a few problems with various codecs.
First of all the video codecs:
if I want to export my video with Xvid does my computer on easy.
DivX gibts not, though I've installed it ....
And the other avi codecs, I do not know (that is, I do not know what I should take an alternative).

with the audio codecs it is about the same:
MP3 does not exist. And the other I do not know what is useful.
I had the MP3 codec, but already in the list ... before my 'new sit up action'. how do I get him back in there? synonymous, I have tried to install the Fraunhofer codec manual to ... is not synonymous.

what should I do?

Antwort von StefanS:

As I sprang from the MSP Group, Premiere is not my home race.

But I am forced to something else.

You have a DCR HC90. Why does it have to be Xvid or DivX?

You come from the camera with DV, DV and why working in case you create after working non-standard DVD? As can now certainly more people with what to start as with Xvid or DivX.

Helps not really jump next, but I was happy to finally leave this DivX Frickelei behind me.


Antwort von crocker:

DVD anyway, I had to make one. but I will still be a File on my HDD. And that will not. be iso image file of the DVD.
... now only s.beispiel my vacation videos from Canada.

And then when I'm so 5min kurzfilme ... Shall I then all synonymous burn to DVD?

how do you do it?

\ edit:

And spend the settings in the 'on DVD'?
for video codec, I'll take just one main concept mpeg video (is yes because otherwise None)
Quality: the highest? ... how long does it take to render a 2h video?
TV Standard: PAL ... because I'll take one:)
Framrate: 25
Field Order: None (Progressive) ... as I have filmed synonymous (I hope this is better than the normal ... yes ... already clear BEGINNERS ...: D)
Seitenverhätnis: 16:9 ... as I have filmed and edited together was synonymous.
... so then comes the big question:
Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 2 pass? or only one, or simply CBR?
Minimum Bitrate [Mbps]: 2? or more?
Target Bitrate [Mbps]: 4? or more?
Max bit rate [Mbit / s]: 6? or more?

GOP settings:
M Frames: 3? or more or less? ... what is that anyway?
N frames: 15? ... same as M-frames ...

to the audio part:
Just because I'll take off operations PCM:
namely because I have nothing placement niche ... Therefore, I can not synonymous go far wrong. : D

... already clear ... ALL-OUT BEGINNER ... ;)
... I think I should just even read a few introductory texts on the slashcam Page ... : D

Antwort von Markus:

Hello "Crocker"

Posted in Rules for DVD authoring

Antwort von StefanS:

"crocker" wrote:
DVD anyway, I had to make one. but I will still be a File on my HDD. And that will not. be iso image file of the DVD.
... now only s.beispiel my vacation videos from Canada.

And then when I'm so 5min kurzfilme ... Shall I then all synonymous burn to DVD?

how do you do it?

1. Cassettes with raw material

be played exactly 2 times. Once, the museum is to satisfy not being able to wait for relatives. For the second time to copy to your PC. Then s.damit to the archive.

2. Edited Movie

Will be burned to a DVD for distribution. No matter how long.
Played for archiving on a new tape. The tape will be tested once. If ok, the archive.


For the rest of Mark was faster.

Again and again, liked to write and cursing: www.edv-tipp.de


Antwort von crocker:

@ StefanS:
is not that somehow something expensive?
I'd still like to make avi a.
but anyway THX.

@ Markus:

Antwort von StefanS:

[quote = "crocker"] @ StefanS:
is not that somehow something expensive?
I'd still like to have an avi machen.quote]

Expensive is relative.

A tape will cost 3 to 4 Teuronen.
A blank max. 1 Teurone.

I feel so in any case, relatively safe to lose my films (data not) - without having to be paranoid to (then again, there'd be a backup in the bank vault :-))

AVI's on your plate (XVid or DivX) are synonymous then such a thing. Since the komrimiert are so strong - admittedly, with a relatively good image quality - they are obviously not really a viable treatment.

Then I would put depending on the amount and number of movies, almost more on removable disks. Hard disks, synonymous, the 250 GB sizes, now cost no more synonymous the world and 1 h DV = 13 GB = almost 20 h on a 250 GB disk.

Convenience and safety, it is unfortunately not cheap.


Antwort von crocker:

... somehow you are right ....
But even so I'm just ... and need necessarily a avi ... no idea why ... disease? I want to see a therapist? ;)

... but I will try to wean me. then I have no problems more synonymous with the avi codecs.

Antwort von StefanS:

what you could then help to hire more, would be the following:

Installing the Panasonic DV codec findable on the web. And not the other, because this can DV codec with VirtualDub.

It is a type 2 DV codec.

With your premiere you'll create a DV AVI Type 2, should go with Premiere, I hope (as I said, in my MSP) tinkers.

You can now open these AVI in VirtualDub, choose Full processing mode, among other things, the rest you can find out for yourself easily and will save the AVI again easily with the appropriate codec of your choice.


Antwort von crocker:

Thank you. it works!
ich finds .. just stupid, that I am now all I want in avi format must be double-render. but better than nothing.
I think in longer videos do I sent it like you .. I think is easier.

... but why not recognize half the premiere codecs??

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