Infoseite // Correct overexposed pictures with Pinnacle Studio 9 Pros

Frage von artisthh:

Hi Friends,

Now I have some recordings that are clearly overexposed. The aperture was partially opened so that the whites already heavily into the eye stings.

I must clear s.Schnitt some cutting, but still would like to correct something if possible.

I now have it on Pinnacle on little plays and with the brightness and contrast play. But really help does not synonymous.

Are there opportunities vielleicth I do not know, except with the luminosity function and her to play?

It is a wedding video. Mostly the wedding is overexposed and the rest pretty okey view.

on tips and help, I am very grateful to you .......


Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

What s.Zeichnung, for example, the pattern of a white dress, drapery, etc. through an Fehlbelichtung lost, will not reappear, it is irretrievably so. You can s.der although brightness was down regulated, but will change the white to gray back with no details.
Your only hope is that it only s.PC looks as if ... times a bit of burn on DVD and look at the s.Television.
BG, Andreas


Antwort von muco:


to premiere there - except of course the obligatory helligkeit-/kontrastfilter - synonymous the filter "shadow / highlight" where only the dark or bright image parts can be adjusted according ... works to some degree very well and gave me some settings to save ... evt your prog synonymous has such a filter? ...



Antwort von artisthh:

as called for this function in Premiere?
by which I could search because ...??


Antwort von muco:

as already written above is called the "shadow / highlight" and will premiere in the effects folder "option" .... But if you can help if you are working with pinnacle, I unfortunately do not

gruss rob


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