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Korrekte Einstellungen für HDV-Projekt in Premiere Pro 2.0

Correct settings for HDV project in Premiere Pro 2.0

Frage von Mr Jo:
April 2006


Caveat: I have recently APP 2.0 and I am just amazed ..

Now, of course, irritates the possibility of synonymous HDV moviemaking. I did my first steps with an animated slideshow with Digi-made pictures and am just excited once again.

Let there be no misunderstanding: I do not have a HDV camera, but after I saw what Resolutionund sharpness than an HDV reproduces movies, of course, irritates and puts it on the wish list of ideas ;-))

After I do a lot of movies from digital images (keyframes animated slideshows with friends driving on the picture), the idea is of course obvious that in HDV to do now. If the appropriate equipment, such as players will be) some available (and affordable, so you can burn home movies then yes no problem on HD-DVD or BlueRay.


I did not really know what project settings for HDV are correct. Even at the project selection, there are "Adobe HD-SDI" or "Adobe HDV" and there again the sub-1080i 25 (Sony50i), 1080i 30 (Sony60i) or HDV 720p 30th

The same dilemma overtakes me when I want to then export the created slideshow. The mpeg2 encoder only provides IR output to 720 x 576 s.and alternative WMV9 Generation in a seemingly confusing Choice has .. this is of any Internet download formats up just 1080i (50 or 60) i or p, who has the views, know what I mean ..

Here, then, my questions:
In what format is an HDV Project should be made.
Which format is right for the export.
Why mpeg2 export only 720 x 576 (as an external MPEG encoder must be purchased, which is needed later to burn the file, I can not imagine that a WMV format is simply burned onto a disc.
What file format is useful for later on an HD-DVD or BlueRay disk to be burned.

Currently, I give the whole thing as a 720-50p WMV from, that looks good and runs smoothly. Alternatively, I have synonymous 1080 25p Anamorphic (what's this?) Tried, but which already generates slight judder when playing with my GeForce 6600 graphics card .. I'm using 1080 25p (and NOT Anamorphic) the issue size at gigantic 1920 x 1080 and not 1440 x 1080 - halleluia, HDV, but must have a defined size is ..

Maybe someone here can indeed shed some light into the darkness, would be extremely grateful.

Greeting Mr Jo

Antwort von WeiZen:

HDV is 1440x1080 anamorphic, always.
The first is when you play is spread to 1920x1080.
SONY records with (1440x) 1080i (50 PAL) on tape.
The entire 1080 60i NTSC to MPEG-2 with 25MBit
JVC 720p has 19MBit
And via TV will likely be MPEG-4 1080i.
Send at least SAT-1, Pro-7 and Premiere in 1080i MPEG-4

Today's Media Player can play some synonymous with the MPEG-2 transport stream of a DVD disc directly, or their hard drive, or USB hard drive or via wireless or LAN. On a DVD DL will fit about 43 minutes film.

Antwort von LoKs:

If you have an HDTV with native 1920 x 1080, then I recommend at HD stuff also take 1920 x 1080 and not the vehunzte to 1440 x 1080, would only remove the focus from high-resolution images. HDV - HDV video - video, so you have HD stuff but not so do.

Antwort von wolfgang:

May I gently add:

HDV1 - or 720p - is in PAL country 1280x720, which is present in countries with the NTSC 30 fps progressive format. That would be the template 720 30p. This one needs for the U.S. versions of the JVC HDV camcorder.

In Europe, HDV1 than 720 25p in this case, which is supported but so far only of the JVC HD100/101.

HDV2 - or 1080 50i - is available in the resolutions of Ulrich said, in PAL-land with 50i, NTSC country with 60i. When using an FX1, or HC1, it takes us so 1080i 25 (Sony50i).

Full HD Resolutiondürfte of prosumers HDV camcorders so quickly edit None of us, at least not in 2006.

Antwort von Mr Jo:

Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies .. unfortunately do not yet have HDTV (also my first time tube must give up the ghost), but a fat-based computer (AMD 64 X2 4600 + with 2 GB of RAM and 4 Western Digital Raptoren1500 in Raid 0) and just 2.0 APP ..

Incidentally, this reminds me of fat-based computer while rendering s.meine Jung end and one 386 - 1.5 hours rendering a movie in 5.8 minutes and mpg2 nearly 4 hours rendering time of the same film in WMV9 1080 50i - there are relativized but the processor speed, highly acclaimed ..

As far as I understand it, are valid for PAL land 1080 50 interlaced HDV format or alternatively 720 25 progressive.

What I remains a mystery, would be the output format in which I place my stuff. Since both would have (mpg2 into question the encoder found in APP, one must hold one's eyes open ;-)) or just WMV9.

The WMV9 format gives the computer with Windows Media Player again no problem, the mpg2 Stream (1920 x 1080) total hooks in Media Player, Nero Showtime plays the part but liquid ..

Now it's quite funny when I can play different formats on the computer, the whole point, however, is probably to spend the so-prepared films in the (near or distant) future on a stand-alone player s.einem HDTV, since I'm looking for a PC in the living room can not really heat up.

In the current DVD is simply the mpg2 Stream - This is, without having to be re-encoded, with any DVD authoring program (Nero Vision Express, Adobe Encore DVD, etc.) are processed.

Which stream (or whatever format) I need to use on a future HD-DVD or BlueRay disc? Is the turn of the mpg2 stream, or there is used the WMV9 format .. It indeed makes no sense to me now when I create stuff that I could indeed by PC (and some spend a player) s.einem HDTV if I later want to burn the movies on BlueRay, and it will then have to convert again ..

Nice greeting Mr Jo

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