Infoseite // Cracking from the video / soundtrack entfernenHallo together.

Frage von Knight:


In a recording me and my colleagues by an error.
The Camera was mounted on a tripod, but where was attracted to the ball / joint to fixed.
Every time the camera was moving, it is ugly crack creak /.
There are some very brief, loud noise.
In addition to these sounds, background noises are present (churches Mass) and individual voices (Pastor) audible.

Do you have a tip as I suppress them, can filter out.



The software I use is Magix, but can use synonymous Premiere Pro ....


Antwort von srone:

if the noise actually included ton overlap, You'll probably no special audio restoration software do not come very far, the störgeräsche lie in eg. Talking breaks you can suppress any individual keyframes by the volume. a antiknarz-plugin does not exist.

In principle you should learn to deal with a tripod, the imaginary as a parking brake screw should be set with the necessary instinct as friktionsersatz, If creaks mightily what is going wrong.




Antwort von domain:

When I was a crackling in the sound, I switch to the Timeline for maximum magnification, turn off the video track, localize the frame with the digital Audioscrubber, cut him out, a copy directly adjacent frame and add it on. And lo and behold, the crackling is gone and the neighbor introduced in the current video frame is on at all.
Is synonymous with gerinfügig several frames, possibly of APGVis, left and right.


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