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Camcorder mit Video in gesucht

looking camcorder with Video in

Frage von FinderTV:
Mai 2010

Hi folks,

after I'm no progress at Media Markt and Co, I turn s.Euch. I am looking urgently for a handy camcorder video into one has. To which I can then connect an external camera. The best course, a new model that will record already on map. Looking forward on any proposal synonymous in the higher-priced area. Not a used synonymous to tuts MiniDV model. Who has a tip for me?

Many thanks in advance


Antwort von videofreak2105:

Given that what is hard to find.
Analog Video IN, was even then very rarely, and only had very few to little in the high-end consumer camcorder category, synonymous in prosumer camcorders, he was not represented very often.

The Panasonic NV-GS400 / NV-GS500 and NV-GS250 were such an example, the models had.
They were the flagships of the time, found today very rare, since they hardly give up if you want. However, if you can get hold of a cheap where I would strike.

I have not looked selsbt, but I doubt very much that one of the currently still available SD camcorder offers a video IN. These are all low budget LowEnd camcorder that will not offer such a feature secure. Neither the Manufacturer nor any effort invested in SD camcorder development, and in the HD area, I know not synonymous Cam, which would support such a thing. Would make little sense synonymous :-)

If you mean DV in, it behaves the same, this was still a little bit more common than in analog, but not exactly synonymous, the broad masses, synonymous currently have the DV camcorder not, under any circumstances when they take on map .

Antwort von Siegfried Zenke:

Had a Panasonic NV MX 350, which has video in and out and super video out.
to digitize the camera lately I only used by VHS caisson.
Camera is roughly equivalent to the GS 400, but 4:3 recording.


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"FinderTV" wrote:
urgently looking for ... a handy camcorder video in one of the best ... of course, has a new model, which has records on map ...

Maps and AV-in recording to my knowledge there is in any camcorder. If card is important, you'd have to either use a separate recorder or switch immediately to a small special camera like the GoPro Hero.
If it is synonymous with a camcorder can be tape recorded, then look s.besten views to the websites of dealers who sell helmet cameras, because there are usually lists of so-purpose MiniDV camcorder to be found.

"Videofreak2105" wrote:
... Analog Video In, was then very rarely, and only had very few to little in the high-end consumer camcorder category, synonymous with prosumer camcorders, he was not represented very often ...

So rare was the AV input a few years ago really - not the opposite. Many Manufacturers have it installed even on entry level camcorders. According to the long list of the camcorder, which with were delivered in AV: More than 100 Canon, JVC, Panasonic and Sony are likely to be determined (also could be activated later for some of Sony D8 cameras this function).

"Videofreak2105" wrote:
... I doubt very much that one of the currently still available SD camcorder offers a video IN ...

In the few surviving MiniDV camcorders, AV-in perfectly still represented, but now really only in upmarket: Canon XM2 and XL2, SonyVX2100. Below you will find only used.

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