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Frage von BlackCooperS:

At the moment I am looking for a suitable cut-PC, as I discovered after the purchase of a Canon HF200, that my PC is clearly too slow.
When I had a processor INTEL i7 920 in sight, as erstmal 4GB of RAM until I grow Windows 7, the graphics card I'm still very uncertain. The question is what fits 9.0 to Vegas, maybe you can help me, yes.
Thanks for your answers


Antwort von wolfgang:

The graphics card plays no special role synonymous with Vegas - because so far everything is running on the CPU. A fast CPU is thus the most essential for Vegas. If there is a new machine, but today I would not equip more i7 with only 4 GB of RAM, synonymous when you have to honestly say that Vegas is currently still quite bad uses more RAM.

In Win7 but I would like s.investieren from the beginning - at the Win7 Vegas 9c runs quite stable, and has just the AVCHD preview a slightly better stability than under XP, especially if the 64 bit version of Vegas Pro takes 9c.

One consideration might still synonymous for high-quality preview, the use of an Intensity Pro - be synonymous if this card will nich officially supported, but it works with Vegas Pro 9c with the last Blackmagic drivers perfectly. So, rather the money in the graphics card to save and take a cheap, and maybe invest in such a card.

Details here:


Antwort von darg:

The I7 processors has done something positive but synonymous Vegas 9 is a huge leap in AVCHD has made in Comparison to Vegas 8 Less than 8 had a preview in the timeline was virtually impossible even on my Core 2 Duo, no preference whether XP or Vista 64bit, what has changed fundamentally with Introduction of Vegas 9th While it is always running not nearly as good as HDV but at least I get more than 3 fps out :-) In 64bit I have to tinker again ....
The GraKa as mentioned above plays no role and the support of Cuda is not yet in sight. Possibly. With version 10, but we're only at 9c, although it went pretty quickly, we'll see what else will happen.


Antwort von BlackCooperS:

Ever grateful for your responses. I now have a list here again, the system should look like:

- Intel Core i7 920
- AsRock X58 Extreme
- 1 (or 2) x 4 GB G. Skill DDR3-1600
- Hard drive, etc. exist, then I'd go get me then probably an SSD for the operating system
- Windows 7
- I can keep my X850XT graphics card first?


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