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Frage von wolfgang:

Vegas 7e is online - with some bugfixes:

Added support for editing files recorded with Sony AVCHD camcorders.
Added snapping to speaker locations for Film style panning.
Added support for multichannel audio in WMA / WMV files. When you add a 5.1 Windows Media file to a stereo project, the stereo downmix stream is loaded by default, when adding to a 5.1 surround project, audio will be added to separate tracks for the center, front, rear, and LFE channels.
Export to PSP ® (PlayStation ® Portable) now supports writing to the VIDEO folder and includes a PSP full-screen template (supported in PSP ® firmware 3:30 or higher).
Improved encoding quality in the MainConcept AVC / AAC renderer when using a constant bit rate.
Fixed a visual issue with rotated 2D images being scaled down very small.
Fixed a crash that could occur when using Ctrl + NumPad keys with the Surround Panner if no track had focus.
Fixed s.issue with normalizing events that had a very small, silent looped portion.
The My Documents folder is now the default capture location for SDI and HDV captures.
Fixed s.issue with rendered XDCAM IMX files to ensure they play back from s.XDCAM deck.
Fixed s.issue that could cause the wrong frame to be displayed on s.external monitor when playing back outside of the active loop region.
Fixed a potential buffer overrun with some ASIO drivers.
Fixed s.issue opening some Ogg Vorbis audio files.
Fixed a crash that could occur while trying to recapture offline XDCAM media files during project load.
Fixed a crash that could occur while replacing media with media with fewer audio channels.
Fixed s.DV video capture issue that could cause captured NTSC clips to be misidentified s.PAL.
Fixed s.DV video capture issue that could prevent starting timecode from being detected.
Fixed s.issue identifying the Plextor-755 drive for CD audio extraction.

More interesting are the additional new features:

Sony AVCHD editing of files

As expected, now supports Sony Vegas 7e AVCHD camcorder. Emphasis on Sony devices for Panasonic ggenwärtig will only support guaranteed. Definitely not supported by the new Panasonic AVCHD format, wave only at the NAB has been presented.

Note: in case of non-English version, the Vegas Explorer and the *. mts files *. m2ts not see - click on "All files" switch. In the English version works for me.

Support of multi-channel audio

Similar to Sound Forge 9, is now for the import of multi-video files to split into several channels. In order to do this project must have a 5.1 in the project settings be created. Is this the case, then about a AVCHD clip, but synonymous an MPEG2-PS HD with 5.1 audio clip when importing participate in 4 channels:
- Channel 1 / 2 (the two front channels, as a stereo track)
- Channel 3
- Channel 5 / 6 (the two rear channels as a stereo track)

If you want a further breakdown, then to copy channel 1 / 2 and 5 / 6, selects channels on the left or right channel - and all the channels available for the panning. Sound Forge 9 shares when importing all the channels on the same, here you have this little trick to make - and then all the channels. The import does not work with a pure AC3 5.1 file, there must be a Videofile be.

Improved export command on PSP, PSP extra fullscreen template

For the DV editing rather uninteresting.

Improved quality encoder for the MainConcept AVC / AAC Encoder

When rendering with a constant data rate the image quality has been improved - synonymous for AVC HD outputs.


Antwort von Duisburger:

If this software is synonymous with German in me talking?


Antwort von Sascha:

Yes, there is a German language version.

And the guests are here as the annoying flies in the spring: omniscient and ubiquitous, it pays not try to chase them.

As if you earn money with sowas could - believe synonymous only once in the very stupid.


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