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Frage von KidKiller Prod:

Hello dear community,
I'm pretty much just s.Verzweifeln.

I have with my WMM of FireWire on the video format to DV-AVI captured, because - why always synonymous - not in Premiere it really wanted. I filmed in 16:9, however, was captured in 4:3. When you open the file with VLC and provides a deinterlace and the correct aspect ratio that it looks relatively ok from.

zum Bild

Importiere ich die Footage aber in Premiere (Sequenz: DV PAL, Aspect: D1/ DV PAL Widescreen 16:9 (1.4587), Lower Field First (with Progressive das gleiche Problem)), dann sieht alles total pixelig in den Vorschaufenstern aus.

zum Bild

Exportiert in MPEG2 sieht es dann wieder ok aus, wenn synonymous ein wenig verschwommen, aber das war es synonymous schon bei der Footage selber.


Antwort von frm:

Do not rely on the VLC Deinterleacer is relatively poor. In Premiere you can see the video quality of the preview window to automatically or semi best playback quality. Film material with Halbilder s.besten in DVD software Watch if you want to judge quality. That is why I am an absolute fan Progressive!


Antwort von Axel:

It is so that a calculator has only really progressive displays. Pal is with 25 B / s displayed. Each image consists of breast-feeding two interlaced fields that are simply displayed on top of each other. Moves to the subject (car) or the hand-held camera (traffic sign, clearly visible due to the high contrast and straight lines) that appear "combs" in the preview window, and the picture is vague (only in the display, however, naturally tend synonymous on all modern "p" devices, see frms argument). The highest-quality preview of interlaced footage is available from the NLE, when the window is at 50% of original size setting. The description "verpixelt" on the other hand, suggests more of a proxy. Perhaps that is alien to gecapturete material but not so 100% at home in your timeline. I would definitely try rauszukriegen why premiere at the Studio zickt ...


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