Infoseite // Determined from a color filter film and transparencies make

Frage von Chris182:

OK, before it is complicated, the following problem:

A bird (fibreboard) flies in front of a blue cloth.
This sequence will be filmed.

A sequence filmed with the sky should be among them.

How do I remove the blue cloth (the bird contains only red and yellow colors), so that where the blue substance was later the sky is visible.

Say, as I explain my program, which makes it that particular color (which I s.Besten with a pipette, "vacuum") to be transparent?

I work with Premiere Pro 1.5.

And I do not come around verrecken drauf:)


Antwort von PowerMac:

So you work with Premiere Pro 1.5. Work? Either you're lazy / untalented / what always synonymous to Manual to see the program or have been stolen! Keyword: "keying", "blue screen". + premiere & ie = UTF-8 & oe = UTF-8


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