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Frage von Haudegen:

hello together,

So an absolute beginner, I am actually more niht. have quite a few "filmchen" edited together with pinnacle, etc.

Now I have 2 new projects. In both, the same error occurs, so:

project1 will be: a holiday film, wants while photographs, video recordings from camcorders and video files, which included with a digital camera were contracted.
If I now have a film sequence of the insert digitalcsm is, it displays the format that does not agree and it may occur errors in the synchronization. I will then create the movie, you'll see that a wrong has occurred during rendering.
I ask this: can I make the film somehow, and if ponds with what program I can edit the corresponding video file so that it pinnacle of my project is accepted?
it is quite normal to e'e *. avi file

project2: yet I have tried a vhs video capture too. habs then, after long wrangling with VirtualDub and her digitized ton allerings without which I've added extra with audacity. Now I wanted to merge audio track and video track in addition to some other Einspieler pinnacle again and ne create mpeg file. Render synonymous with this project gibts nen fehler beim!

does anybody rat??

Many thanks in advance


Antwort von steveb:

How then is the exact error message and when it appears?


Antwort von Haudegen:


So the message appears briefly nachedem I click the button "mpeg" Create've viewed.

Error: Failed to render the file found. Operation must be aborted.

any ideas??



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