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Frage von Warboilt:

Hi all

Has anyone of you have miss-with the editing of native HD material in PPro2.0? I stand namely the following problem:

Premiere captured all the video data natively, so the MPEG-2 transport stream. The treatment works very well indeed - only in what format do I export the finished video sequence? The only option is the Adobe Media Encoder - but I'm with is not so satisfied with its performance (quality).

My question is: how is it possible to use external tools to encode the videos? Is there still a possibility, the MPEG stream as "raw material" Export to?
For example, I have a trial version of MainConcept's H.264. But how can I use this when I export in Premiere nothing else?

My idea is to export the MPEG-2 sequence with minimum losses, and then encode with an external tool to ...

Thank you for your answers



Antwort von Bruno Peter:

See here ...


Antwort von Warboilt:

Thanks for the link you nose:)

I deal with this problem for some time, so the postings. Ifs time comes to debate ner ...


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