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Frage von DaSeba:


I wanted to yesterday, the entire footage from MiniDV tape of the camera using Movie Capture to take into Premiere.
But again, the recording was interrupted. The individual pieces, I could not save, because it always was called: No frames were captured. I have to run only the premiere, or I have not done anything on the PC.
The interruptions were never s.der same place. So I excluded interruptions on the tape.
What else can provide such a mistake? Someone had similar problems?


Antwort von jasmin61:

Hello DaSeba,

So if I understood you correctly, you've captured in Premiere via> File> Record? Right?

It might be a memory problem that gecapturte file for the target folder is too large and thus interrupt premiere auto needs.

You look under> File> Capture> and then the top right under> Einstellugnen whether for video and audio is enough memory available.

Good luck


Antwort von Nightfly!:

Hello DaSeba!

"DaSeba" wrote: ... No frames were captured.
It looks as if you with a codec captures, the Aulösung not supported. (For example Cinepak for Premiere 6.0, less than 640x480.)

Greeting, Nightfly.


Antwort von DaSeba:

Thanks for the answers

So, I've looked at the Premiere again. Unfortunately, without success.

I have never found a setting in which I can set the folder size. But I have enough space on the HD.

That with the codec, I have not somehow completely understood. The problem is that I can capture a short video sequence. But capturing the entire tape, I still have not finished it. Always breaks it off somewhere. And always s.einer elsewhere. Sometimes you need 5 minutes, sometimes 15 minutes that I can capture.

Perhaps it is synonymous s.etwas quite different: If the premiere is s.Capturing, allows no other actions in the program or on the PC. If I go somewhere with the mouse click, puts it off immediately.
Can it be synonymous, perhaps, that another program that is running in the background, capturing the disabled?

Greetings Of DaSeba [/ quote]


Antwort von jasmin61:

The problem I had once synonymous, since the computing power was too little. Could possibly be that it is so synonymous with you.
Just move anything because it was called. Complete all times (really) all background applications! Make it easy and let time, he runs through it?


Antwort von Kiara Borini:

Any background programs? Antivirus, Windows Update?

Otherwise, on the "Edit" - "Preferences" times to check where to refer the "Scratchdisk. Perhaps there is not enough space.

Defragmenting can not hurt.

I'm assuming that you captures on an NTFS partition, because otherwise you run into a trap at 2 and 4 giga file size, depending on circumstances.


Antwort von DaSeba:

Merci for the tips.

So, now I re-tried.

So space is definitely enough so far. I turned off background programs synonymous. 'm Not sure if I've turned off everything that can be off.

Furthermore, I've checked the firewire connection on loose connection. This is in order.
Recently, someone has written a report about firewire error. Have the reads. But not all items verified. Get me there still look.

The problem has not settled yet. The longest that I could capture, was 15 min.

I've synonymous already tried to capture with other programs. One, however, provided an unsatisfactory result, the avi file of the other program I could not import.

Does anyone know a good capture program? Good would be if I could capture it directly in the premiere. But if this really is not funzt, I have to stop to find another solution.

Greeting DaSeba


Antwort von Kiara Borini:

My standard tip is relating to capturing Scenalyzer! There is a free version and with the in moderation! fee can be tested in advance. There is then a small logo in the data stream.

If it works the price is certainly well spent. On my very old PC with Pentium 3 / 450 MHz Premiere then had occasional problems. In Szenalyzer there were no lost frames.

But this is estwas what irritates me lose s.der error description: Normally one frame, but the process does not stops, unless it is the so.

Ah, yes, is otherwise s.Firerwire else? When I hang an extremely Plate s.den second port is no longer with capture ...

And, wait, the link:


Antwort von DaSeba:


The problem still exists. Now I have defragmented the HD synonymous times. Has not helped.
I wonder, could be slow, if it synonymous s.Videokopf the Camera? That caused interruptions in reading, which then brings the transfer to cancel. Would that be possible? Can not imagine but almost.

I've tried in the meantime Scenalyser. Does not look bad. But you can capture a video synonymous s.Stück? Also of 00:00:00 to finish? This attitude, I have not yet been found. ¨

If the interruption was always s.derselben place, one could infer an error on the tape. But the interruption is always somewhere else. The longest that I was now able to capture minute about 20th Often it stops min at approximately 15 min. or min synonymous with 2, 4, 5 or 8.

Damn, I want to cut my video and do not come out over the capture. Or the way I like it, it just does not.



Antwort von DaSeba:

Yeeeaaaah, the problem is solved. But it was s.einem process that ran in the background. It was a small one. Exe file of the printer software, which was called at different intervals, and thus had always only briefly interrupted the capturing.
Now I have deleted it easy. Now I can freely capture. Juhui!

To all with similar problems: Just look in Task Manager to processes. There is the "culprit".

Thanks s.all those who have given me the tips.

And Bye ....


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