Infoseite // Faster rendering with Adobe Premiere 1.5 per u. After Effect 6.5

Frage von nyota:

Anyone know in what respects the graphics card is influential on the rendering with Adobe Premiere 1.5 per u. After Effect 6.5. Or how does the graphics card ever made on video u.Nachbearbeitung. Currently I have an ATI Radeon 9250se 128 DDR.

Thanks for an answer!


Antwort von mastaTraxx:

In PP1.5 and AE6.5 it probably makes no difference!
When rendering anyway.
It is if anything to speed up the preview and synonymous only with certain effects. (GPU-accelerated Effects).

PP2.0 and AE7.0 support certain graphics cards. What exactly you can find on the Adobe page.

If I am misinformed, please correct them. :-)



Antwort von almatic:

Thank you for your inquiry!

Greeting nyota!


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