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Frage von LailaMo:
August 2009

So I'm da mal ne Frage there are films that no preference of any kind if music video, short films, etc. where you can see them einfachob come from Germany or zb. UK or U.S., or synonymous, just of the quality .... I find that the films from overseas and I refer the views not suited to large film productions, often times it look more to the 'air service, or' Movies', others do not just look like it and I wonder why is that ...
there are the films with small DV ner be made to look really good and different to see 'real' from I know to be honest is to express not as accurate as ...

but that's zb. of a short film which one attracts it is not a professional production:

(; the istjetzt not meant in a negative way, or just simply as a BSP.)

And the film simply looks more like FIlm:

And yes s.Licht kanns not lie with the TV HAVB drausen ja nich always synonymous and synonymous with something to illuminate some use small DV cams. ----

An available as a setting IRGEN s.der Cam?
I have always had the feeling that the nichtin better-quality 'real time' are ....

I hope this time some one understands what I mean:) So help me look at the jumps

LG Laila

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

Haha, very funny ... Use the forum search if you come not from logical conclusions on it!

Antwort von -ssSonyY-:

read after the 5th time luk picture indeed synonymous still not understood completely, but at least still laughing! :)

So I think you are confusing here very, very many things ..
what strikes me, you say the TV turns on mini dv with little light, which is perhaps true in a fast news reporting could be, but certainly not staged for a short film or series. . .

Then you know what quality of writing or overseas .. NTSC, PAL? ever heard?

furthermore: in (d) a Cam [what?] is probably no setting for "Hey you, you can leave after the video look like as if a professional picture composition, camera work, etc. done" - This button would be Toll we would all no (; trained) cameramen more! ;-))

Then what you write of "non-real time" - So that's a movie I'd not look at me with certainty ^ ^

. . but not "instant" and interpret your target knob for setting ne better times to:

Look around at 24p, 25p (P = Progressive), in contrast to 50i (; interlaced) But I myself have little idea about, and also this forum, or the whole Internet is full of it ...

Antwort von Piers:

Do not take it too personally, but somehow it needs to get out.

So I had THE camera here was with the the second film from your original post rotated.

Each of which has a button:

- Front left: Automatic is set as the right light
- Right next to it: Top Location button. So you do not always have to look for locations
- Rear, is a green button: nice, soft-Crane, Dolly and Steadycam-rides are simulated in order
- Besides the blue button then provides correction for a chic color.

My favorite button is the one with which you can make the whole thing in real time. If the movie''should be about 4:21, then the entire production lasts exactly as long as synonymous.

With the camera I s.einem daybreak, FOUR! full 90min film to get ready. Just press the buttons in the correct order, then nothing is more oblique.

price? Negotiation.

ps Sorry, really, but it had to get out ;-)

Antwort von carstenkurz:

So, Laila, now they got you fucked so nice here.

Just trying times dahinterzukommen itself, are precisely what the differences between the two shooting which you have linked there. Davon gibts abundant, and the least of which is with 'Look' do in the technical sense.

With the greatest distance, I can give you schonmal: Intentions

- Carsten

Antwort von Chezus:

What concerns the optical and maybe you could help:

vs. interlaced. progressive
Color correction (; hue, saturation, etc.)
Depth of Field (; depth of field)
Aspect ratio (, 4:3, 16:9, cinemascope)
Frames per second
Light setting

And many many more things
Fang with full and half-frames s.and work your way through all the points by

Antwort von B.DeKid:


I'll try to answer you your question once.

Chezus because hattt already mentioned, the terms Please go in the wiki, or read here in the forum.

Essentially synonymous with Carsten has the word "intent correctly located.

Www.hd On the Page trainings.de Page of the Lutz you should visit once synonymous, there is a lot of good German tutorials, to a s.Anfang provide an overview of the feasible.


Basically, there's some info

D in the country you light a production of mostly sterriel - ie - you almost never mix light and everything looks too clean.

USA for example, likes to make everything a little more colorful way affects the whole synonymous different.

Britain has shed light years is very soft especially old movies / series have this course / gray look.


Camera and recording format, although wessentliche points in a production, but does not slow down its decision in favor of the "FILM LOOK" (and so they like to call it)

You'll find more rechechen that there are many factors that influence the Picture in the end of a film / video.

There will never be the real "film look" as to give this more of the maker, the theme of the target group and the story depends.


Low Budget einwenig capture as this thread here because I'm so ne time discussion had launched.


B. DeKid

Antwort von Chezus:

what we must never underestimate the medium is synonymous FILM
Most movies are still analogue recorded.

It can be a Color correction in DV or HD in no way compare with that of a shooting.

What do you mean by film look just contains very large number of factors and most of them are associated with immensely high cost.

But as I said. Alone, the difference between interlaced and progressive, or of material with and without color correction is already very big and will make you happy at first;)

Antwort von Piers:

@ B. DeKid

A warm "Gude"

of your capital to the provinces. ;-)

Your tireless ambition, even the most daring question to answer meaningfully in all honor, but I imagine in those Fred's real here, the question of where is my (; our) job now arrived?

I once carried out research in forums with other disciplines (; hit ok, have just looked at me one thing), but one thing I did in (; not to) other forums to explore. Questions can be comical to suggest that one (n) / woman has zero idea what it is turning.

I could never (; naja (, this one) Forum; went to Autobau / modding) Explore these questions:
"Hey, has my mate me 2 tons of steel, aluminum and iron is tilted out of the house. Then he didn't dazugelegt nen welding torch. Why am I not a war out roadworthy car? Do you have tips, ideas?" I think the welder is broken! "

Why this is really about "so um's video"? Each rennnt with zero clue in the media market, buys ne GigaTerra Pixel Camera with 18 trillion and then asks SERIOUSLY, why not ommas birthday looks as lovely as "Lord of the Rings"?

Where did these attitudes come from?
Marketing of the camera seller?
Idiocy or the buyer?

Why believe (and nearly) everyone that it makes an investment in HD camcorder to the next ballroom? And why are these Ballhause mad when they realize that there was much, much, much, much more on "Filmmaking dranhängt" than to spend only 600 euros?

I do not understand it.
So I can start with nothing 2 GigaTerra tons of steel.
And I openly admit synonymous.
I'll buy my car at the car dealer. (; and do not turn me into a monkey in the city, when I tied together with four steel beams, s.denen 3.5 wheels wobble, just down the hill through the pedestrian precinct roll)

NFU ;-)

Antwort von B.DeKid:

@ Piers

I think I would be out of the steel to build such a thing ;-) (; see Appendix)


Jup - I may know what you mean, but I do not share this attitude.

My best friend since I consider this 22Jahren synonymous again and again, I do not know why I do it - but I'll make it stop.

I want people issues, an opportunity not be around. I'm getting it important to do so.

Whether and how to memorize these answers, but I really erstmal shit no preference! I then observe whether this has borne fruit, or in there and then went out.


Your Comparison is appropriate, however, and reflects the reality is well again.

Years ago when I was awarded as my first camera, there was the I Net in this form. I often had to figure out myself and it was expensive (; DIA 8mm film and development costs - hundreds of hours mowing the lawn and newspapers unsubscribe or beverage crates stacked)

As I collected my first with 14 DIA sent box s.das SkateMag and received a letter that was just a tough time surprise .... "The images to be good but not really what the newspaper wanted to" ..... was the basic message ... I should not give up and pay attention to certain aspects of the light setting and positioning of my objects.

I do not know that I will try to put too .... after an internship at an advertising photographer who told me that my kind of vision of things not conducive to good to be earning enough money to ... I was only offended once - who says a vacuum cleaner only for that one "can scan SO" ....

Well what I want out .... I used to years with my view of things for me to "come within" - I know that I've blocked me so many opportunities .... but I'll do it next and when I present myself again "trust" one of my works to the public, then I'll hopefully synonymous again the tips / criticisms I would have to get the.

AND WHO will ever say would have to work for the prosperity and make it synonymous to work .... do not really like saying only people like my Dad and the commercial photographer and my former master bakers of the "young with your attitude was never out of you"

Me no preference - it must be good losers synonymous ;-)

B. DeKid

/ OT

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