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Frage von CreateDreams:

Hey Guys,

have just a 10min movie with Final Cut Pro export, all audio files are aiff, so no MP3 or the like.

Now, suddenly, are parts of the movie (audio), only noise, the noise refers to any cuts / transitions or something, so I am perplexed.

In Final Cut Pro Project s.sich the sound is as it should ...

-These are NOT audio are in the red.

-Why did the render files deleted, and tried again, unfortunately without success.

Here the noise for download

Please constructive help,


Antwort von Axel:

Sounds good, the track. Even composed?

I do indeed synonymous not know what happened, but I would Aiff exported separately check whether the noise (that sound like the sudden appearance of foreign material, which is well known - the cause is poorly imported raw material - but then synonymous with timeline Playback was there) in Aiff are still there, if not, re-import, and export complete audio track to replace new.


Antwort von xinon:

, Moin

What is your picture with the audio rate from?
Gibts there a change from the original version to export?


Antwort von Alf_300:

So for me the sound is totally destroyed after about 10sec (WinXP Sound Forge)


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