Infoseite // Four tracks recorded in DV with Adobe Premiere Pro

Frage von intoxic:

Hello. I'm new here and do not know whether this Themea was treated before.
I want a cut of Digi Beta, the Picture and all four audio tracks via SDI> DV Converter eindigitalisieren and Premiere Pro. But unfortunately I do not know whether accepts Premiere DV material with four audio tracks, and if so what I have to adjust.
Perhaps someone can answer me yes.

Thank you very much


Antwort von rush:

nabnd ...

mhh, I believe one can choose among the project settings if the tracks will be recorded 1-2 in 44khz/16bit or all 4 tracks at 32khz bit at 12 ... expanded in projekeinstellungen audio, or so it would be, because you can choose believe something. whether and how it works in practice ... no idea;)

otherwise, may play on 2 of digi-dv tapes, even with track 1 & 2 and then again the 3 & 4 .. Then hassu synonymous iweder 16bit/44khz;) but heavier ...

much luck


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